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bobmxrx 4-24-19 11:20

locate Body shop in Ottawa - your opinion

Its been almost 6-7 years i haven't been on here since my mx-6 was totalled in an accident.
I decided to buy two more hahaha (1 for parts) last year.
I got a 1993 mx-6 V6 and in the process of doing a turbo setup.

Over the weekend, I pulled the engine out, remove the fenders, bumpers and hood. SURPRISE!!! I have a few rusts spots and damage from a previous collision (Previous owner).

There is rust on the fender rail towards the back next to the hood hinges (window/door area), (like most mx6).
- On one side, only the top plate is affected
- On the other side, all 3 plates are affected but doesn't seem like it hit the frame yet.

Also on the driver side, at the end of the fender rail where the rad support connects is where it was involved in an impact. I also want to get this fixed, it would need to be cut out and install a good one without the ripple effect :). I already have the replacement piece (should be good).

I am trying to find a good reliable , reasonable shop that will repair this and not have rust return in 2 years. Im in the Ottawa region, the vehicle will need to be towed.

Any opinions or options would be appreciated.
My current body man doesn't want to work on my cars since he broke his wrist and only booking minor jobs.

I dont feel like waiting another year to have this on the road.

Thank you everyone :)

NickR 4-25-19 22:24

Just across the river from Ottawa: Collision Chelsea enr. Denis Durand 819 827 1589 [email protected] repaired some rust on the rocker panels of my MX6 a year or two ago, and on my Tercel the year before that. I don't have much experience to compare him against, but it seemed to me he did a good job at a reasonable price. He used to have a small shop in Chelsea, but now I think works somewhere in Hull.

It's good to hear that someone else in the Ottawa area will have an MX6 running. I hardly see any now.

don-blitz 4-28-19 10:56

so are you willing to sell some parts off your parts car? I need a clock spring and air bag diagnostic module, trying to get the bag light off on my 93. Ive got a couple boxes of spare parts if there is anything you might need as well, nothing rusts much down here in North Carolina

bobmxrx 4-30-19 17:10

Thanks for the comments,
I have been looking further into doing the minor rust repair. After a better look, I was able to notice the fender rail has buckled slightly and might need to have a frame puller installed on it to bring it out about an inch.

I found a shop McCluskey's, they have a frame puller, will see what they can do.
Looking to cut off the front clip from the parts car since its in good shape and have it swap what is needed.

Still waiting on the garage to confirm, so who knows what I'm doing so far lol.

Still got to pull the 2 engines out of the parts cars this weekend. only have time to do one lol.

don-blitz : Ya I could probably part out those parts for you, I know they are good in both parts cars I have. Its just a matter of time and getting it done that is the issue. If you dont mind waiting a few weeks, I am sure we can work something out.

Do you by chance have a keyway at the end of the speedometer cable for a 88 rx-7. I got to research it more, I think the 626 maybe the mx-6 uses the same keyway. I need to find time to research it more, I just know the speedometer cable is no longer available.

don-blitz 5-2-19 18:52

yes I am willing to wait, don't have the part your looking for but I will keep my eyes open on my many hunting trips to the local junk yard

don-blitz 5-2-19 19:00

so just checked there is a 91 626 in the local yard, they have no 88 year model mazdas

Cuervo613 5-30-19 16:45

This post is aimed at the MX6/Probe gentlemen located in or near Ottawa.

I have random parts for sale from the MX6's I've owned in the past. I'm a stand up guy. No BS. You can search my threads/history on here with my original username CUERVO13 which the admins were kind enough to simply deny me access to for unkown reasons. Parts available are;

- Ford Probe / Mx6 T3 Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold & Downpipe Exhaust - V6
- SS door sills
- mud flaps
- bezel trim
- instrument cluster off a '94 V6

Very flexible and open to offers. Local pick-up only. I don't do shipping. That way you can evaluate the condition of the parts with your own eyes.

Contact me at [email protected] or 613-917-8040

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