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Sterling_mx6 7-29-19 20:18

Strange Driveline Noises
I've been noticing over the past couple of weeks some odd grinding noise when I let the clutch out. The best way I can describe it is like a crunchy/grinding sound. The clutch appears to be ok from what I can tell. I have shifted from 3rd to 5th and then flooring it and it holds. The other noise I've noticed is that you get a squeaking noise when you put it in reverse and back up. From what I have read it could mean a bad throwout bearing for the squeaking but as for the grinding noise I'm at a loss. For reference, the car is a 1993 mx6 ls. Also as I am new here I'm hoping I posted this in the right place

Sterling_mx6 7-30-19 17:25

Quick addition to this, I’ve begun noticing the noise while driving, and I could be crazy but I swear I can feel the noise in the pedal. From what I can tell the issue is affected by rpm, higher it revs the more the noise happens, same with if the clutch has heat in it. The more you drive the car the more you begin to notice the noise.

Mazda_Powered 7-31-19 11:40

If you can feel it in the clutch pedal, it's a good chance it's the throw out bearing/fork that's causing your issue. Believe it or not, you can inspect it if you remove the dust boot at the fork. I just unbolt the slave and get a flash light. Hell, I've torqued pressure plate bolts that way (was diagnosing clutch issues)

Sterling_mx6 8-1-19 23:21

Thank you for the tip, I did remove the rubber cover and inspected the throwout bearing. From what I could tell everything looked fine, there was a tad bit of play up an down in the fork that runs into the bell housing but other than that it looks ok. I do have pictures if need be. I will add that I was driving back an forth on my driveway to see if I could replicate the sound, and get it on video, and what I discovered is that if the wheels are at full lock the noise is seemingly more prominent. It still does it driving straight but when turned it’s more noticeable. I’m not sure what that could mean but figured the more info provided the better

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