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This is kinda off topic, but where do you guys reccomend for car audio/electronics here in Co. Ive gone to soundtrack twice, and twice been screwed. Im not intending to ever go back. This last time, they were gonna install remote keyless for me. First time I go there, pay, drop off the car. Come back when its supposed to be ready, and the idiots tell me that they forgot that I needed an actuator, that the part is only gonna cost me $20, but $60 in labor, and that im gonna need to drop it off again. So im pissed, but what can I do. Then I get it back the second time, and the idiots forgot to connect the remote keyless to the factory alarm, so my alarm goes off every time I unlock the car with the remote. So I have to get another appointment, and take the car back again. Then, the idiots break the key off in the lock while its there, and also somehow manage to crack the door panel, so now theres a big gap between the panel and the door itself, which may or may not be fixable. Needless to say, im kinda pissed at them. Any recommendations on where to take my car from now on?
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