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you know Tim you should just get a job, man.. i mean.. common your like my age... grow up... and no.. im not trying to be mean.. ive just been know to be a very good shrink with guys. look at all the cool things you can do with your car???

ohhhh i got a job up here that pays me $10 an hour.. unfortunatly i just barely get 40 hours a week.. so ill be making a little over $325 a week..

oh also., my car aint painted yet.. i need to get the venom out of my veins before i get my car finished.. .otherwise ill never get it finished. have to buy another bumper again..... the one i have on now which is the one i just replaced got thrashed and broken when i rear-ended some crazy phoenix driver who cut me off.. she was one big fat ugly DIKE!! people here are crazy... and the roads are from hell.. never drove on such horride ****ty roads.. and i have 18's on..

and last but not least.. my car got broken into.. less then a week after we moved into the new house... broken drivers side window.. but nothing taken.. good ol' cops happen to be driving down the road and chased after them.. no luck ketchin them wetbacks though..

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