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Originally posted by Legion91PGL

ya know, that just happened to be the worst shrink job I have ever heard. You may not have been trying to be mean but that was very offensive all the same. I don't see you with a spouse or a kid, nor do I tell you to grow up. When there is alot I could say. I am a full time father and have a very hard timefinding a job that will accept that seeing as how I can only work certain hours until I can afford day care. I am also enrolled in college right now for my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Automotive technology. My family is living fine right now with my parents and certain little things like car upgrades are luxury items that do not have to be purchased. so please, never talk about my personal affairs again. Thank you.
hey man im really really sorry.. im not trying to upset you.. i guess i just come on strong and end up pissing people off alot. i should keep my mouth shut. i was just mearly suggesting a small job cause i know you have mentioned about wanting to get things in the past that are pricey. its good to hear your going to school. i havent gotten that far yet. and yeah i guess my car isnt paid off so i have to have a job continuely.
i didnt really know you had a kid. you never mention them. and you being so young i thought you didnt.

but again im really sorry. i dont want anyone to be upset with me. im just a b*tch sometimes... guess its the whole woman hormones and the way i was raised

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