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Never meet at Summit Hut again! I swear all the other times I hung out there, no cops would bother me, but last night, I brought the whole team down there and a cop shows up. Then within 15 seconds there were like, 4 or 5 cop cars there just because we were parked for like, 10 minutes. B*tches, this one cop is all like, "Just give them all tickets, they're all here." I wanted to punch his face in! Prick. They had nothing else better to do last night so they harrasted us and gave a few of us 30 dollar tickets. They said all the businesses on Speedway have signs saying you can't park there after hours and one cop said that they should just arrest us and tow our cars. Isn't that messed up? I'm gonna try to get written permission from Summit Hut to park there, then when those stupid skinny @$$ cops show up, Im gonna rub it in their faces. @-

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