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Panther37 1-28-06 3:04

4WS Help Thread

Post links to helpful 4WS threads or links to your questions. Don't post your questions here as having your question in their own thread will aid others in searching.

When making a new thread about 4WS pleas start off the thread in either one of two ways without the brackets:
  • 4WS 1gen: [Insert Topic Here]
  • 4WS 2gen: [Insert Topic Here]
As you can see I'm welcoming the 2gen croud with 4WS into this "thing" as well.

MSGT-R 1-16-09 10:03

Not an article, but starting on page 5 of my Car Domain account (in my sig), I've posted the entire 4WS chapter in the 1988 training manual. It explains system operation. It's been there for quite some time.

MSGTR's 1989 Mazda MX-6 on CarDomain - Page 5

Zach 1-18-09 17:33

Awesome! Thanks for that!

Wibla 1-18-09 20:24

it can also be found here:

Do you have the images in higher quality btw? i would be glad to host them

MSGT-R 1-21-09 15:28

I think I may have them on my home computer. That's the best that Cardomain can do.

Wibla 1-23-09 18:05

put them in a .zip or a .rar or something and poke me in pm, I can host them :)

Simone1 7-7-14 5:39

4WS (not sure if 1st gen or 2nd)
Hi,Im new to the site and not sure where I should be posting this, please point me in the right direction if I'm in the wrong spot. I've owned my Mazda MX6 1995 for six months now and sometimes it feels like my four wheel steering kicks in while I'm driving on the highway... It only happens occasionally lasting a couple of seconds and its not major but you just feel a little jolt or pull in the steering when driving mainly happens on the highway. Was just wondering if anybody has experienced this before or has any advice for me??

Thanks heaps for any information,


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