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MACED 3-13-10 17:51

Whats it worth?
I currently own an 88 MX6 and its a great little car however it had close encounter w/ a Caddie. I now have an opportunity to purchase a 88 626 turbo and 4WS. It only has 79K miles and clean inside and out. Now the bad. It needs an "A" arm (I am not sure what this is) and the man says that the
4WS needs work. He says it drives like it doesn't have power steering. He wants $2000 obo. My question... If this car is as he says, is it worth the $? What would the best guess as to what is the steering problem? The car is about 2 hrs away and I haven't laid eyes on it yet. I'm trying to figure if its worth riding up to see or if I'm wasting my time.

Wibla 3-13-10 23:21

$2k in that condition, im not sure. the 4ws tends to "need work" unless its been taken care of by someone who knows how it works from the start... and the power steering thingie could be nasty (or very simple, depending)

MACED 3-14-10 13:02

With the lack of feedback this thread has produced, I think I would be wise to do more research on this vehicle. I will still welcome any input you have for me.

tjvjr 3-14-10 22:00

mabe try posting on-Mazda626 Forums-maybe between the two you can get you answer quicker , hope it works out.

jphillips626 3-15-10 12:39

Totally not worth it. I would steer clear. Especially bc ALL 4ws cars should have both rear ball joints replaced by now, doubtful that have been replaced and they are $250 a piece. A car that old, no matter how good of shape is worth less than 1k if working well. If it needs work, then maybe $500. You are going to spend more than 2k to get it back in good condition.

I just sold my DD 4ws 626 (5spd btw) car bc i was sick of the high cost of maintenance, shity gas mileage, obsolete parts, and the "sorry i can't help you" from my mazda parts guy when i tried to get dealer parts. I paid $600 for it five years ago and put 80k hard miles on it. Towed 4 other mazdas home across country with a custom hitch, too. The 4ws wrked when i bought it and NEVER once gave me an issue. Yes it was a custom 5psd install. Sold to a good friend of mine who can fix the cancer growing on it.

I have bought and sold a few 4ws 626s and mx6s. I have never found a problem i couldn't fix on a 4ws, but they are so expensive to work on, even yourself. maybe for $500 bucks.

Is this the 4ws in Spokane?

478PGT 3-15-10 13:01

I think its the one in FL. I saw the ad, and the seller def. didnt look like he knew much of the cars history.

Wibla 3-15-10 13:21

hey jphillips, cant you come to norway on vacation and fix the 4ws on my 626? :D i'll provide food (+ beer) and lodging.

jphillips626 3-15-10 14:50


Originally Posted by Wibla (Post 2296265)
hey jphillips, cant you come to norway on vacation and fix the 4ws on my 626? :D i'll provide food (+ beer) and lodging.

sir yes sir long as a you throw in a cute female bedside companion. Consider it a done deal.

but seriously. I will pm you some details, i may be coming out there next spring for a long vacation.

If it is just parts you need, i can get just about anything.

MACED 3-16-10 23:54

This one is in SC

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