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KL03 TB modification directions

KL03 TB modification directions:
Use an impact driver or a #3 Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that fasten the TB to the IAC, if needed. A #2 Phillips will probably work, but you'll have a higher risk of stripping the screws.

This is a pic of a ZE TB. The red box shows where/what you need to drill out if you ever want to convert your 03 TB into a ZE TB for use with the ZE IAC. You can still use the ZE TB with an 03 IAC without problems. The "wall" that you have to drill out is probably only a few millimeters thick. I used a drill with a longish bit that was just a bit smaller than the passegeway. Stay more to the right of the red box. Drill 1-2 holes about the size of the blue dots. If you go too far to the left you will punch thru the bore (which isn't a horrible thing). Drill the hole about 1/3-1/2 the size of the red box in the picture. Stay to the right. It doesn't have to be bored out the entire size of the red box. Just enough to allow good air flow. IIRC, the holes are 1/4" in diameter. Use a 1/8" drill bit to make 1/8" deep pilot holes next to each other then use the 1/4" drill bit to drill the rest of the way thru. Be sure to clean out all of the metal filings when you are done or risk engine damage.

In case anyone wanted to see the differences between a KL03 and a KLZE IAC, here you go:

This picture shows the 03 IAC on the left and the ZE IAC on the right. As you can see, the large vacuum port is missing on the ZE IAC.

03 vs ZE IAC external pic

In this picture, you can see that in the lower right part of the IAC, there is an opening that takes the place of the external IAC port on the 03 IAC. The 03 IAC just has a dead end space.

03 vs ZE IAC internal passegeway pic

Here are the 03 IAC's ports identified:
03 IAC port pic

Additional Information:

Here's the kl03 intake manifold with the kl03 tb and iac with the vacuum hose connected:

Location on KL03 IM without the tb but the iac vacuum hose port exposed:

Here's a KLZE intake manifold with the ZE tb and ZE iac. It doesnt have a iac port or hose.

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