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For your information Chickie, the only time a guy will open the door for you will be so that he gets laid - if he denies the truth he's either lying, or out of touch with reality :P


We're flying down ... we're hiring a couple of cars down there

After all, we are going down there purely to fill up our cellars :P

EDIT: Oh, me and a few mates are going to be down there for about 3 days ... I've mapped it all out (but then I'm always over organised for everything :P ... which is good 'cos no one else is). I've always wanted to go to tassie for a tour/cruise. Start at Launceston/Davenport and go all around ...

... may be a good idea?

We could camp/stay in motels (preferrably the latter) ... take lots of alcohol and cruise around in our cars ... strike that - reverse it ... you know what i mean anyway (i hope)

Someone should make an interest post ... and open it to non-mx6 drivers too!

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