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I knows sumpthin

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Oh, I've got the motor...

More from

Had it for a while now...will be doing just a bit of P&P (just gasket matching) on it and cleaning it up a bit...Nothing major at all...Larger Cams, and basically all the bolt ons I can throw at it...many of which I already have. It's all torn down now, just waiting for a large sum of money I'm getting to complete it. And In all likelyhood I will go turbo...N/A is nice...but to think of a nice safe 6 PSI intercooled with plenty of fuel over a 10:1 comp ratio...yummy...I've seen 220 ATW on DE's with 6 lbs...Yeah...

Zach...well...smokes a lot of pot...seems to have lost some of his passion...due partly to money, loosing his other job...couple other things...and lots of pot...I honestly don't hang out with him as much as I used to...But he's rocki'n a '95 PGT just like Bryan's and done some fun stuff with it...ran a 15.4 at wendover with his 17's on it...his white Probe is all torn apart waiting for a motor...Red '93 is all torn apart, but running waiting for a finish on it's paint and body work.....and he's supposedly going to marry Megan soon and his parents are moving out leaving him the house.

Fun huh?

And I can't wait to see your M-Edition...that I will be just a bit jealous of...and I've got 1G turbo's down pretty once I learn the ins and outs of turboi'ng 2nd gens...I'm all too happy to help

Oh, and the battery relocation...Yeah a bit more weight...but more weight in the rear...better weight distribution. Did you know in the Milennias they acutually angle the battery back as far as possible to help with that? Not a huge difference at all...but every bit helps


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