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Nope, that is the Eunos 800 manifold, though it came on motors making the KLZE spec 200 HP, It is also found on the 170HP Milennia motor and also square runners. Though many people when putting a KLZE into an MX3 will run that manifold because it fits better under the hood than the KLZE mani does while doing the same thing as the MS-8 (KLDE-ish) manifold

KLZE requirements:

1) IM: Make sure its not the EUNOS 800, I hear it has a problem fitting. The ZE IM has a longer neck to the TB, just look at the 03 IM and the ZE IM and you will see the difference.
2) TB: Should read KL31
3) HEADS: One should read KL31-101 and the other KL31-1A1
4) CAMS: Should read KL-31
Mine meets all those.

MS-8 Straight neck manifold on KLZE:

Eunos 800 IM on KLZE, used in MX-3 only


KLDE is squatier around the neck, fatter around the main body, KLZE has the longer TB neck

More info about KLZE Vs others:
Originally Posted by Jeff Jeske
So far....the best results for the PGT/MX6 crowd comes with the straight neck MS8 manifold.

The curved neck EUNOS 800 manifold is rumored to be better but there hasn't been a single dyno to back that up probably because it doesn't fit worth a darn under our hoods. The EUNOS manifold uses different VRIS points the both the ASPEC and MS8 manifolds....I dont even know what they are so unless you get all the parts for the EUNOS swap and the EUNOS ECU you may hurting performance not helping it.

The highest dyno'd KLZE motors have the straight neck MS8 manifold. I have yet to see a curved neck manifold motor put down 180 WHP without upgraded everything.

Lastly the EUNOS manifold pretty much requires the EUNOS throttle body as well. To me it seems like alot of trouble to rearrange the engine bay, locate hard to find parts, T&E the VRIS, and purchase the extras all for a possible but unlikely 1-2 HP.

Visit my website for more pics of the KLZE manifolds and some generic info.
There are three types of intake manifolds for the 2.5 KL engine.
The "regular" one found in Mazda MX-6/626 and Ford Probe. (no pictures needed here I suppouse). Then there are the ZE type intake manifolds. The long straight neck type from the Japanese MX-6 :

and the curved neck type from the Japanese Eunos 800 (Millenia) :

But one car is missing here. The Millenia or Xedos 9 with the regular KL 03 engine. What kind of intake manifold does it have?
To no surprise it has the same intake as the KLZE powered Eunos 800. The curved neck type :
I even checked at a local Mazda dealer, they have a used 95 Xedos 9 (Millenia). It has those same large square intake runners.

So, who cares....

After checking all possible sources I can make this for sure. The Millenia has: Horsepower: 170hp @ 5800 rpm Torque: 160ft-lbs. @ 4800 rpm
626/MX-6/Probe have: Horsepower: 164hp @ 5600 rpm Torque: 160ft-lbs. @ 4800 rpm

The engines are equal in everthing but the intake manifold. The Millenia intake mani has this large square intake runners like the ZE.
Here you can compare the 03 and the ZE intake runners:

This would explain the 6 HP difference. Millenia has the curved neck KLZE manifold.
Also has some great info on the KLZE.

So, if you want a nice little KLZE, is a great place to get them, fast shipping and they definitely have all the goods


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