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mfshin 4-21-05 11:21

'94 MX6 5spd V6 mint in NC

The car is in great cond. MX6 LS trim including spoiler, all the power and leather.
black exterior with tan interior (little crack on driver leather seat).
176k miles, original motor/tranny/clutch, very strong, no issues.

Basically stock with CAI, Panasonic mp3 stereo.

Recent maintenance:
- New spark plugs
- New gaskets
- New timing belt, belt tensioner and water pump @ MAZDA
- New coolant
- New power steering fluid
- New tires
- New motor mount insert
- New refurb axles (autozone lifetime warrenty)

Transmission is silky smoothe and engine not a hickup. Runs 100+mph no problem w/o any vibration. If you know Frank in Greensboro he and I worked on this car and he can credit it.
Everything is perfectly working and in great shape except following:
- AC sometimes work sometimes do not (think switch related problem)
- has hole towards rear of stock muffler

Above 2 are fairly minor faults on the car.
For that I'm asking $2300 obo for the car.

I also have wind deflector and leather-like black nose cover.

New Price, $1900 without stereo. FIRM!

RevZempoe 4-21-05 13:05

Lifetime warranty isn't valid when you sell the car ;). Where are you located? Greensboro? Very interested in the car. Let me know ASAP as I'm looking for a car within next 2 weeks. How's the interior? Any dings on the exterior? Pictures of the car? etc etc ;p. don't mean to drill ya but I don't wanna waste mine or your time.

Heather 4-21-05 14:59

Greensboro NC..check the title of the thread...haha
OH and I would like to see pics of it as well.


RevZempoe 4-21-05 16:01

doesn't say he's in greensbor, says it's in NC, says he had a guy in NC fix his car. He could easily be in raleigh or somewhere like that (which would be even closer to me).

Anyways, give me a call and lets talk bud :) 804-200-2923

Heather 4-21-05 16:07

I looked at his other posts and his zip was 27265 which is right near greensboro...sorry I tried to help you out...


RevZempoe 4-21-05 17:01

it's all good :). I might go down there this weekend if the cat gets ahold of me ;)

mfshin 4-21-05 18:56

The black beauty is in Greensboro, NC.

a few dings, yes.

Nice tan interior, other than driver side leather-seat crack.

I'll try to post pics, if I know how to, this weekend.

RevZempoe 4-21-05 18:59

k, if they look good, I'm coming down there cuz you're closer, if they don't, i'm heading up to CT :-D.

RevZempoe 4-24-05 10:49

any update on this? was gonna come down this weekend but I haven't heard anything. call me bud. 804-200-2923

TJ-MX6 4-24-05 11:34

"If you know Frank in Greensboro he and I worked on this car and he can credit it.

tyler886 4-24-05 13:21

Yea, I think theres only one Frank in Greensboro. And he works on cars.


RevZempoe 4-24-05 17:21

what does that mean? I hope you're not referring to me asking where he was...cuz he could have easily been in raliegh, durham, cary, asheboro, etc etc and driven to gso.

StreetThisMX6 4-26-05 8:51

Car still for sale?

Pics to [email protected] please!

mfshin 4-26-05 11:00

Yes still for sale!

Will take pics and post by mid this week.


mfshin 4-26-05 12:55

Here comes couple pics.

The pollen made the car look dull but it still has shine, bling bling!!!

I'll take some more pics afterwards...


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