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i ran one for about 50k miles.

it was the original jeff jeske unit, and he had several thousand miles on the tranny before i got it. Mine had the green springs, which are less aggressive than the gold ones that are offered.

it pretty much did what it was supposed to do... ie: turned one wheel burnouts into both wheels getting traction. torque steer during on-throttle shifts was greatly reduced also.

This helped marginally with getting started, but if you're putting a decent amount of power to the ground, it won't prevent you from lighting up the tires. it'll just more consistently make sure you're putting power to both wheels.

It was unobtrusive.. you'd feel it "click" on really tight turn situations (parallel parking) - similar to a "real" lsd. The person who had the audible clicking LIKELY took too much material off the spider gears and or PG unit when installing. Mine was tight, and i had zero audible clicking. you would "feel" it, a very slight pop of sorts, when doing tight parking. Occassionally you would feel it on ice, specifically slushy conditions where you'd be getting into and out of traction. If you've ever driven a 4wd vehicle with an auto disengaging center diff, the slight skip or pop you would feel was very very similar. this was my daily driver in an urban setting, and it never felt cumberson or obtrusive. only the very astute who ever rode in my car would pick up on the fact that it had some sort of lsd, unless i told them. Believe me, i have no love for the PG either... my current tranny is an open diff, and when i decide on my transmission upgrade path, i'll be going with a whole differential unit, rather than an add on such as this. BUT, for the miles i had it.. much of then hard driven, raced (not just in a straight line) and all boosted... i feel it performed well.

ultimately however, the transmission i had it in grenaded, because of the PG.. The diff pin in between the spider gears sheared in half, and tore a hole through the tranny case. The same exact thing has happened to several other PG users (inside a 2g trans at least)

welding the diff pin would help alleviate this problem, as aside from the shearing, i saw no excess wear on parts of the diff pin i found lol.

When i removed the trans, i didn't notice a single drop of excess wear on the spider gears either (they have to be cut down a bit to fit the pg unit in there... and way back when, there was some speculation that this would then become the weak point)

Mine was likely among the higher mileage PG installs that saw most of its life with boosted power... but eventually, it did die of the same diff pin failure that has plagued others. At least though, i can say with confidence, our spider gears are plenty strong lol.

It's still a viable option, IMO, if you can do the work yourself. If you're paying someone else, the costs are such that you might as well get a mazdaspeed torsen type.

the PG is not *as* good as a true torsen type, but it did what it promised. i never had a 1 wheeler with it installed, and no pulling during hard accel. entering/exiting corners, it was unobtrusive. it does place more pressure on the diff pin, and this ultimately is it's downfall.. you can't fit a thicker one in... at least not without major work to the surrounding components, at which point you should explore other options anyway.

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And the "one member I know of who has used it for a long time" speaks up. Thanks for the detailed review Goat.

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thank you very much this has helped me alot.
I only put pressure on the diff on very rare occaisions but i still want it to perform which is the main reason why im looking at some cheaper methods of "de-open-wheeling" my diff. Plus the car its self probly wont last another 50k miles so if the diff does then that is all i can ask of it.
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