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margi 5-4-09 16:39

noob with a 323 v6
hi i have a uk 323 f v6

(cue laughter ;) )

i know about adding the cams from the 2.5 klze to get a lil kick, would the throttle body be a good move to?

any others know any trick mods apart from super charging and turboing

vandejm 5-5-09 11:58

which motor is in it

the KL, KF, K8?

margi 5-8-09 15:27

sorry bud

its the ba kf engine 2.0 litre one insurance couldnt stretch to the 2.5 :(

Mark.T 3-2-10 15:32

There's no standard KL 323F BA. A good route to take for a proper increase in power is an KF to KLZE complete swap.

You can gain a tiny bit of power by removing the pipe from underneath the airbox (not the intake! :)).


stoker100 3-2-10 15:47

id say ZE also, insurance wont know the difference. you can play with the little bits and pieces all day and only get 15whp but with a ZE its 30whp straight off the bat.

kerimar 10-24-12 14:57

I found a good increase with a s/s exhaust, cold air feed with a cone filter and best of all a high performance external coil with separate ignition. This last one is easy to do and does make a nice diff. A lot of us over here run with a fse as well. Boosts the fuel pressure to 1.7 times.

stoker100 10-26-12 4:29

whats a FSE? and how does increasing the fuel pressure on a N/A car that already runs too rich on a factory ECU help?

kerimar 10-30-12 4:48

Sorry for the confusion. FSE is the company name. The part is the Power boost valve. Here is an e bay link with all info on it
FSE POWER BOOST VALVE FITS MAZDA MX6 2.0 16v & 2.5 24v | eBay

monoxidechild 10-30-12 12:04

Thats just a adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Which on a N/A stock motor wont really do much.

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