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WhiZ 1-28-10 17:30

323f Ba V6 Klze

I got an 323F with the ZE engine. I just bought an KL36 ecu, and an JE50 vaf.

I was told that this would be pnp. But after searching google etc. I now dont know what to believe.

Is there who can tell me if this would be pnp? And is the KL36 ecu for automatic gear, becuase mine is manual.

Sorry for my bad english :(

ratch 2-1-10 23:49

the only thing i can say, and im no pro mechanic, is Drive train(Automatic or Manual) has no bearing on the ECU... the ECU is the Eletronic Control Unit. it is what controls your fuel-air mixture for combustion. i could be wrong though.

H_Type 2-6-10 14:41

I think you need a harness, mx6 or mx3. 323 engine harness is not the same.. after that it will be plug and play.

Mark.T 3-2-10 15:22

I know the Lantis (JDM 323F) 2.0 KFZE ECU is not pnp with the 323F 2.0 KFDE engine, but that could be a UK/JDM issue?


stoker100 3-2-10 15:50

the pinouts for the ZE are the same as the DE, compare the factory engines wiring diagram to yours to see if there are any differences, if your unsure you could always swap a DE loom in.

also let us know if you run rich with the KL36. (yes it works fine for manual but ive tried it on a few cars and they run rich as hell).

kerimar 10-24-12 14:54

Hi there. Not wanting to direct people elsewhere but I'm a member of the site over here. Very active site with so many guides and a few members who have done or are doing the ze conversion. If you get really stuck pop in and have a browse.

iosman987 1-17-20 0:07

id say ZE also, insurance wont know the difference. you can play with the little bits and pieces all day and only get 15whp but with a ZE its 30whp straight off the bat.

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