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Scooby 11-26-06 11:14

Navi Unit
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this is my navi unit that I am selling...

boxxcar5 3-17-07 19:46

ummm, how much??

MX_SIX 4-26-07 16:58

how much u want man id buy it for sure

MX_SIX 4-26-07 16:59

could i do payments or somthing on it where u live

91turbo666 4-26-07 22:40

does anyone else find a new member asking where scooby lives a touch suspicious?

MX_SIX 4-27-07 9:09

its not suspicious if i wanna buy it how would i get it if i dont even know , i dont even know any of u guys and i been lookin for one of those for while

sethbobbob 5-5-07 23:16

how are you asuna?

MX_SIX 5-21-07 19:32

do u wanna sell it too me or not jeez

kid_puma 9-2-07 21:42

Bump ,lol


sleepyprb 10-25-07 1:34

nice yeah how much

mhale71 10-25-07 3:48

after this long im pretty sure its gone


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