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Zoom Zoom v6 3-31-04 17:38

Crooks' 6
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Pics of my MX6, currently awaiting a complete makeover! Kit and fiberglass interior on the way plus supercharger too, all thanks to MX6 Performance! Anyway, here's the first 4 pics. Engine bay, front side angle, MX6 Performance banner, and my 6 from the rear.

Zoom Zoom v6 3-31-04 17:46

Part 2
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These are my interior pics. Driver's side door, the interior from the passenger's side, the finished passenger's side, and the finished rear.

FUjii13 3-31-04 17:59

you should've made the interior black and called it "what i give my wife"

Double K 4-1-04 21:32

Nyce ride the colours and the rims so nice and clean

Heather 4-1-04 21:56

Very purrdy! Really nice, clean, and smooth. Love the rims too! Man you've got some clear headlights!! Are they new or did you do a sanding job? And of course, Love the interior!!


Zoom Zoom v6 4-1-04 22:05

Thanks guys! Yeah Heather those are the original headlights, I just sanded the ****ens out of them. I did it for the better part of 3 days because when I got the car, the heads were literally too oxidized to see through. It was almost a solid yellow piece of plastic.

Kanja 4-2-04 0:38

Nice paint.

[email protected]!k 4-18-04 16:17

hey man your ride is so nice and clean. Great paint and i love the interior.

MX6Cat 5-24-04 23:06

Sweet 6. keep it up =)

Castro 5-27-04 13:03

Looks very very clean, I love. Thank god you kept those stickers inside the car.

bj79sky 6-28-04 1:20

Check out the MX6

AAlonzo 8-17-04 1:25

those wheels are beautiful! it's what ive always had in my mind but ive never been able to place it on photo. where did you get them! i want them bad!!!

Zoom Zoom v6 8-23-04 17:29

I got my wheels from


utah mx6 1-24-05 16:33

hey crooks can u give me some specific details on how u sanded your headlights??
like tools needed, dry or wet sanding, paper grit things like that please and thank you

AAlonzo 1-26-05 1:42

youll have to reach him on aim if you want to talk to him. the man abandoned us after a sweet deal went sour in a bulk buy he started.

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