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walksalone 5-29-04 22:38

- your name-Ricky whittington
- your car info-Mazda Mx-6 M-series 1997, V6. 2.5 L, Black exterior, leather tan interior, no mods yet......
- your general location-cary
- your email [email protected]
- any other contact info-none yet

JazzyJizzle 8-17-04 10:23

Jeff Bradley

93 LS , MTX , Caribian Blue , Black leather , shaved emblems
Kings Mountian , NC (35 miles west of Charlotte)
[email protected]

JazzyJizzle 8-17-04 10:58

UH, Never-mind just forget this one............:flamer:

conflabdigation 9-8-04 0:00

Johnny Coleman

1993 mx6 ls 2.5l v6
-hunter green
-custom wipers,
-interior conversion (clack n yellow)
-2 10"s n 760 watt amp
-pioneer door speakers and 6x9's in the back
-custom painted tails
-stock otehrwise

Fayetteville, 71st high area

[email protected]

AIM: conflabdigation

probethis 9-10-04 15:00

Jason Smith
flat black 94 Probe SE
[email protected]
AIM: importtunr4evr

jmm41 11-14-04 0:12

Jon Meyer
96 M-edition
Creedmoor NC
[email protected]

Jeffs96ls 11-15-04 22:55

Jeff Leininger
96 ls white
Chapel Hill NC

Sub0wins 11-18-04 9:05

90 White MX6 DX
626 LE grey leather seats :smokin:
The Queen City
[email protected]

1gen6 12-7-04 20:58

Brandon Deel

1gen6 12-7-04 20:59

Brandon Deel91 lx
[email protected]
sorry about that other one!

97blkmx6 1-5-05 14:46

- wes pierce
- 97 blk ls
- winston-salem
- [email protected]

i am just getting started on making improvements to my car and i would like some help on where i can find performance part for it. thanks

skylance 2-15-05 11:42

name - Adam screen name - Skylance
location - Shelby, NC
ride - 94 black ls
mods - performance muffler, icw racing wheels 15X6.5
contact - pm me or [email protected]

mazdarotti 3-9-05 22:22

dustin alford
96 mx6 v6 juiced
[email protected]

drk1180 3-20-05 22:08

Derek C
93 LS Yellow
Yadkinville, NC
[email protected]

superflymx6 3-25-05 2:29

94 MX V6
Red 5spd

mkb 4-3-05 10:35

Welcome back superfly,I haven't seen you post in a while.


drakelord 5-13-05 19:16

Heh, didn't notice there were two North Carolina areas.

Car: 93 MX-6 LS
Info: Black, 5spd
Location: Goldsboro, NC

hipsinking 5-15-05 17:39

1994 MAZDA mX6 LS
2.5 6 cy blue
jacksonville nC

Maverick06xx 6-28-05 22:08

1993 Ford Probe GT
2.5 v6 Maroon
Raleigh/Garner N.C.
[email protected]
Probetalk member name SuriousCutt
AIM & yahoo Maverick06xx

mosheen 11-3-05 18:57

1993 MX-6 LS Black (stock)
180,000 miles
Asheville, NC

linda 11-28-05 23:30

93 Burgandy MX-6 LS ((just got it, i'm working on it))
[email protected]

turbociv920 1-21-06 0:52

my info
96 ls v6, purple-ish.
taylor king
wilmington North Carolina
email- [email protected]

tnr4life02 1-25-06 12:50

new info,
James Case
1990 MX-6 GT
Gastonia NC
[email protected]

94probegt 2-3-06 18:21

curtis oneal
94 probe gt
2.5 v6
kannapolis nc
[email protected]

Chrissmazdamx6 2-3-06 20:43

- your name- Christopher Ryde
- your car info- Kitted '93 LS-ZE
- your general location- Eden (Greensboro in a few months)
- your email addy- [email protected]
- any other contact info- Aim: Darkandstormy666

sandman187 3-2-06 18:18

Tra' McFaddenFayetteville North Carolina
MX-6 LS 94 series Black
[email protected]
tmac19781999 yahoo messenger
trying to start small car and truck group in the area
basic now just starting to mod this car inside out
nice sound system
aftermarket exhaust
looking for right lowering kit or decent price ground kit

probation33 4-9-06 18:48

blake grantham
93mx6 v6 (black)
mmi headers,short ram,catback,lowered
lexington nc 27292
[email protected]
aim daprobegt93
yahoo forgetmysoul33
phone#336 2396116

Coal_MX6 7-3-06 15:07

  • Name : Brandon Echerd :wave:
  • Location : Hickory, NC
  • Messaganger and website info :, b_c_echerd ~ Yahoo IM
  • Vehicle Info : 96' Mazda MX-6 LS, Dark coal gray exterior paint, v6, black leather interior minus front seats, Ford Probe gray cloth seats(I got two leather seats if anyone needs some...), 5-Speep w/ Stage 2 clutch w/ short throw shifter, Full BC Style kit, MX6 Dual Halo headlights, 16in ICW 10 Spokes
  • Plans : ADR 18in Dual 5 Spokes, painted kit, turbo (eventually), JDM Cold Air, JDM Carbon Tails lights
If there is anyone else around the Hickory, Asheville, Statesville or close by areas hit me up...I would like to chat cars with someone.

Bellamor 7-18-06 12:37

Jessica Gibson
no car
Waynesville, NC
[email protected]

MX6_4WS 7-19-06 0:09

- Ben Rogers
- 1988 MX6GT 4WS (Restoration & Mods started 7/12/06)
- Asheville, NC
- [email protected]

dcurtisr43 10-10-06 9:52

Curtis Roberts
93 MX-6 M edition
2.5 klde soon to swap to KLZE
just handleing mods now
Murphy, nc

Sasser43 1-3-07 0:53

Daniel Sasser
94 MX-6 LS --- White with black LeBra
Goldsboro & Greenville NC
Contact me on here.

dustbin 1-31-07 17:40

Sup people
Dustin Fulton
94 MX-6 I4..... Dark green w/ metallic + very shiiney
invader kit- erebuni hood
Hampstead NC (20 min from Wilmington 30 Min from Jacksonville)
Email: [email protected]
Aim: lupin3rd04 (yea creative i know)

flapflap 2-18-07 12:06

Joey Philbeck
1995 Burgandy mx6
[email protected]

dustbin 2-19-07 14:34

Dustin Fulton
94 MX-6 I4- invader kit (minus front bumper), erebuni hood, Black w/ silver metal flake, 17" Tenzo GT6 rims
Hampstead (30 minutes from jacksonville or wilmington) NC
Aim: lupin3rd04 email: [email protected]
dont be scared ill talk to ya haha

1<stockMx6 2-26-07 13:46

haha can't believe I never filled this one out.

Chris Quick
96 Mx6 i4 BC kit, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber splitters, black Jspecs, tinted tails and 3rd and 4th brake lights and 17in gunmetal Mr7s.
Email: [email protected]

There are tons of sixes and probes here but it seems as if none of them are on this site or even care for the car. It's sad really.

TrigMX6 4-15-07 13:43

Matt Monfort
93 MX6 LS Green
Apex, NC
Email: [email protected]

Zack716 4-23-07 15:35

Zack BArkley
95 LS Black
[email protected]
919-924-6302 cell

TrigMX6 4-26-07 10:22

does you mx6 have faded black paint and black rims?

SpikeDerailed 4-27-07 1:26

Well since I never filled this out.

Ryan Clark
Red '89 Probe Gl
White & Black '88 RX-7 SE
Charlotte, NC
AIM: SpikeDerailed

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