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rhumen 3-15-02 13:04

Members - North Carolina
Members in the North Carolina area
Please put a post here with the following information so that you can be contacted about things in your area:

- your name (i.e. joe schmo)
- your car info (i.e. 93 LS silver)
- your general location (i.e. wilmington)
- your email addy (i.e. [email protected])
- any other contact info (i.e. phone number, pager, etc)

Casendrey 3-15-02 16:26

- Ryan McGuire
- 1993 Black LS
- Fayetteville
- [email protected]

64Driver 3-15-02 19:43

Scott Reagan
Maroon '96 m-edition:cool:
(no mods, except stereo)
Fayetteville, NC.... A.K.A. Fayette-nam
[email protected]

93BurgandyBomber 3-17-02 9:48

Cheyne Burwell
93 Burgandy LS ( hope that was obvious )
Durham, NC
[email protected]

mkb 3-19-02 0:02

Matt Breneman
88 White GT
Fuquay, NC
[email protected]

sixinthestix 3-20-02 1:24

Clay King
93 LS- Green
Mt. Airy (30 miles north of Winston-Salem)
[email protected]
336-401-3858 (cell)

JohnathanJ 3-20-02 23:13

Green '93 LS MTX, Red '91 LE MTX, Red '90 GT MTX
Shelby, NC
(cell) 704-473-7378

Not_His 4-6-02 18:28

Re: Members - North Carolina
- Kimberly Blazek
- 1994 Ford Probe GT
- Charlotte, NC
- [email protected]
- [email protected] : another email
tygergirlie69 on AIM and Yahoo
Not_His on
What the hell ... why not (704)492-5596

Hi! :)

gtisr99 4-6-02 20:25

no car
i can be anywhere in an hour or two, NC
[email protected] or [email protected]
jd20469 -AIM

mobiggs2000 4-7-02 3:15

Morgan Pecarina
93' LS
[email protected]
mobiggs2000 for aim

TypeONegativ 4-8-02 19:08

96 Probe GT
Raleigh, NC
[email protected]
AIM - xXTypeONegativXx - "

NicksMX6 4-11-02 13:48

-Nick Wayne
-1989 MX-6 LX
[email protected]

ShazamX 4-11-02 16:22

Andrew Wilding
1989 MX6 Turbo
[email protected]

crazysix 4-12-02 0:34

Frank A
93 mx6 blue
[email protected]
rocky mount nc

Kramerica 4-15-02 2:15

Jaun Hernandez or Jc
94 ze
Charlotte nc
[email protected]

Ketch Me 4-16-02 22:56

Jason Vasquez
94 GT
[email protected]

ceyjay26 4-17-02 1:08

NCPOC foreva
Ah what the hell

Cpl Stacey O. Johnson
95 MX-6 LS Forrest Green with white 18" VX-1 (currently located in Florida)
Currently stationed overseas in Seoul, South Korea
[email protected] , [email protected]
AIM: CeyJay226 YahMess: onealjohnson Probetalk: ceyjay26

superflymx6 4-22-02 23:07

93 Red 6 LS
Its broke now:( :(

slate-Mx6 4-30-02 1:17

-Chris Slate
-1994 Emerald Green LS
[email protected]

jocky 5-21-02 11:10

Eric K. Welch
Jacksonville (Camp Lejeune)
[email protected]
[email protected]

allmazda 6-18-02 22:41

Chris Brooker
Kernersville NC
88 626 turbo
273,546 miles
[email protected]

KillaMx6Chick 7-18-02 18:46

1993 V-6 White
[email protected]

J Tweezy 8-18-02 23:08

JJ Johnson
black 94 mx6 LS
fayetteville, NC
[email protected]
cell- (910) 286-4502

Brandon696 9-23-02 12:07

Brandon Israel
94' MX-6 2.0L i4 (very few mods as of right now)
Asheville, NC damn i dont see ANYBODY from Asheville!!
[email protected]
if you need any other info. i can give it to you in a PM or through E-mail. Thanks,


smachan 10-4-02 14:11

quinn machan
89 MX-6 DX/LX
Goldsboro N.C.
[email protected]

jacks6 10-14-02 18:31

BJ Jackson
Black 95 MX6 LS mtx
Raleigh, NC
[email protected]

cory_td 11-5-02 19:00

Cory Thompson
95 black mx6 black
Mt. Gilead (Montgomery County)
[email protected]

Taz 93LS6 11-27-02 15:49

Jose Palma
[email protected]

Buddha93 11-27-02 16:24

-Sean Roseman
-93 Green LS (plain jane for now!)
-Holly Springs
[email protected]

veritech137 1-23-03 23:41

Essex Taylor
93 LS Yellow ATX
[email protected]
(336)-324-1088 (cell)

91_nowwithturbo 4-14-03 20:53

91' LS mx6 (done away with the turbo motor)
Salisbury, NC ( 1 hour above charlotte nc)
still working on the car, so no times yet (Morresville Drag Strip 1/8)

I would like trips and tricks on fixing my car so e-mail me or IM ME

yahoo messenger - marc_nc_2002
AIM - marcNC2002

Just yell at me if u want to talk or give me some tips.

Discretion'sMX6 4-24-03 21:43

Andre' Hill

91 DX - Stock - Green


[email protected]

LightninSIX 7-24-03 2:06

-CJ Rabb
-93 MX-6 Ls, Black,5spd,
-Gastonia (15 min from charlotte)
[email protected]
-704 865-8307, one fast six = screen name

ceyjay26 8-12-03 13:23

Re: NCPOC foreva

Originally posted by ceyjay26
Ah what the hell

Cpl Stacey O. Johnson
95 MX-6 LS Forrest Green with white 18" VX-1 (currently located in Florida)
Currently stationed overseas in Seoul, South Korea
[email protected] , [email protected]
AIM: CeyJay226 YahMess: onealjohnson Probetalk: ceyjay26

**** changes @-

Ah what the hell

Sgt Stacey O. Johnson
95 MX-6 LS Forrest Green rollin on PGT rims, 93 PGT Black on Black not run :shrug:
Currently stationed in Norfolk, VA
[email protected] , [email protected]
AIM: CeyJay226 YahMess: onealjohnson Probetalk: ceyjay26

Lorn 11-14-03 15:27

Brian Smith
'93 LS primer gray
jville, nc
[email protected]

BlackHazex 1-30-04 16:31

Dominique Martin
95 LS steelblue, shogun
Durham, Nc (near 70)
[email protected] & [email protected]
aim = blackhazex

superflymx6 2-25-04 14:27

Raleigh, NC
My MX6 is broke now, I might be looking for another one but I cant afford to spend to much. IM me if you know of anything around. Thanks

JWeidman 3-30-04 13:35

Jeff Weidman
Mount Holly (10 min outside Charlotte near the Gashouse!!)
1995 LS V6
18" bronze ICW Talon Rims with 215/35/18 Toyo Proxes
CAI, Megan Exhaust, Tan Leather Interior
I am looking for a cheap Buddy Club kit, anyone have one for sale??!!

superflymx6 4-2-04 16:27

Just bought a:

1994 MX6 V6 5spd 76000miles loaded

tnr4life02 4-21-04 14:24

James Case
dark blue 91 mx-6 dx
Monroe, NC
[email protected]

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