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Discretion'sMX6 4-23-03 21:56

NC For Sale/Want to Buy Listing
This is an idea that I borrowed from another forum. This thread will serve to promote items that we would like to buy/sale in NC and surrounding areas. This way, we can find items closer to us that we can drive to see before we buy and/or pick them up to ensure that buyers get the stuff that they want and sellers get their money in a timely fashion.

Here's how it should work. Sellers should list their items here and/or in the For Sale forum first. This listing will not substitute for posting in the For Sale forum, but rather make it easier for NCMOCers to find stuff in our state. Please include a link to your item in your thread if it is in the For Sale forum.

State clearly if you would prefer to sell in-person or ship or either.

Buyers should indicate if they would like to see the merchandise before money changes hands.

Then, just as always, buyers and sellers should then agree on the terms of sale.

Good luck everyone.

PoetsElixir 11-11-03 19:48

Hi all,

I live in Durham, NC and i would be TOTALLY interested in further promoting and building this forum. Let me know where i can help.



mazdachic 11-12-03 6:25

I have plenty of stock parts from a 1988MX6 GT if anyone is interested. Or if you want to buy the car. Just let me know. I am from SneadsFerry NC

Lorn 11-19-03 0:27

whoa if your from sneads ferry youre like 10 minutes from me

superflymx6 4-7-04 22:42

I might be selling some parts from my 93 mx6 v6, since the engine blew. Let me just get out of school for the summer and I will look into it more.

I have a new mx6 now 94 V6 5spd

Yall can IM on AIM anytime you see me on

MzdaSpdProbe 7-24-04 21:33

mx-6 2.0 engine wanted
any of you guys have a 2.0 engine for sale or knows somebody who does email me at [email protected] help me out guys later Chris

walksalone 8-6-04 11:06

selling my mx-6 call my cell if u want to buy
1996 m series
91000 miles
auto with overdrive
leather seats
3 disk cd changer (stock)
moon roof

call my cell if u would like to buy 919 244 7288
ask for ricky

ps live in cary nc

probethis 9-2-04 16:44

Does anyone have a complete 2.0 block, or even the whole engine. But i atleast need a block. If u have one or know someone who has one give me a PM. Thanks Jason

Sub0wins 11-18-04 7:19


Originally Posted by mazdachic
I have plenty of stock parts from a 1988MX6 GT if anyone is interested. Or if you want to buy the car. Just let me know. I am from SneadsFerry NC

What color is the 88 GT. I need a pair of white powered side mirrors.

walksalone 2-2-05 21:53

selling mx6
selling my m-series for 800 clean title adn all just needs a new engine. EMAIL ME AT [email protected] for questions or pics i need to sell asap.

eturnalsunshine 3-24-05 13:01

Needin a new or rebuilt transmision for my "91 mx6 LE
If anyone has or knows where I can get a decent deal on a used or rebuild tranny for my mazda mx6 LE. My poor car is going to die without it. i'll check back in

jmm41 5-8-05 14:51

I am selling some parts off a 93 mx6 that I bought as a parts car, just pm me if there is something specific you want. It has black interior and black exterior, I have to clean it up and see what I have that is sale worthy and what is junk.

Maverick06xx 6-28-05 22:21

Anyone intrested in a MBX brand new UDP for $80, let me know.

superflymx6 7-23-05 21:02

I am going to be selling parts off my other mx6, the motor is locked up.

mfshin 7-31-05 3:25

I have a black '94 LS 5spd beauty for sale.

In Greensboro, NC.
Make me an offer, I'm ready to let go.

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