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4-20-15 20:14
pigeon853 Car/Model/Engine/Year:

- MX-6 LS 2.5L KLO3/KLDE V6 94

Method of forced induction used:

- T3/T4 Turbo .63AR Exhaust Side .50AR Compressor Side. 38mm Wastegate with a 4psi spring

Intercooled or not, type of your choice:

- Front Mounted Intercooler

Piping/drive system for SC's:

- custom 2.25 inch intercooler piping

Fuel mods:

- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, 310cc Millennia S Injectors, Vortech 12:1, Apexi AFC Neo.

Engine/tranny mods:

- Tranny Saver Bracket, Custom side to side front crossmember, Poly filled motor mounts, 16.5 pound MX3 flywheel, stage 4 sprung bully 4 puck ceramic clutch.

Special features on your system:

- Running on an OEM ECU with VAF pre turbo, Apexi AFC Neo controlling the injectors at idle and cruise at 14.7, and the FMU controls the injectors under boost at 11.3


- 240/239

Was it hard to come up with this:

- I researched every facet of this project for two years before attempting anything on it. Once i got started, it was fun and a good learning experience for me and my dad.

How long did it take to build your system:

- I did it slowly over probably 6 months. Would have been faster if I didnt make a how-to video for each step!

What is your knowledge about our cars:

- I started with just replacing the rear vcg, but now I know how to do everything, I'm only 20 right now, so this is pretty cool. I didnt know much, now I know more than most. Ive also done some crazy custom things no one else has done.

How much money have you spent on this all:

- About 1.8k so far. I made a thread on the prices of things.

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted:

- its a long trip that will teach you how to do everything there is to do on this car. Make sure you have a car to drive while youre working on this one because nothing ever goes to plan. Took me a month just to get it running after i finished installing parts! Its tons of fun, but youll have to get your hands dirty! Watch all my how to videos! Also, do your clutch before you Turbo. You have to remove all the turbo components to replace the clutch!

Mazda MX6 V6 Turbo How-To:
9-22-11 9:30
omgbob dose any 1 have a ihi rhb5 turbo 4 sale
9-20-11 22:32
Soldyear_3488 Hi...
I'm from Trinidad and tobago and I just bought a 1993 MX-6 with the KF 2.0 V6. I have no idea as yet if it is a KFZE or a KFDE. I am planning to turbocharge my car. I just wanna know if the KL's Exhaust manifold is the same as the KF. I've searched online and my search has always retunred 93-97 MX-6/ Probe 2.5 V6. Would it work on my KF???
7-24-11 21:51
nitricnick hey. ive been fitting turbos on 2nd gen mx6s for a while now, just finished my latest one yesterday, ive been driving it around and checking it all morning every thing seems good. If anyone needs advice or help please dont hesitate to ask. i live on the gold coast australia. if u would like to see one i did a few years ago, search for nitricnick on youtube and ul find me, it shows some highlights of the agent orange build, the latest one is a 93 mx6, night train. i will be posting vids showing the build today. cheers NITRICNICK CUSTOMS.
4-7-10 13:01
dominoeflux car/model/engine/year: 2.5L 93' mazda mx6 ls

method of forced induction used: used(but in great condition) turbonetics t3 super 60 turbo wit a .48 stage 2 turbine wheel

intercooled or not, type of your choice: intercooled, a used intercooler kit that was already built from scratch by cfz

fuel mods: walbro 255 hp fuel pump, millenia s injectors, ebay afpr, vortech fmu!

engine/tranny mods: stock internals/xtd 11lb flywheel, xtd stage 3 clutch, rr-racing short throw shifter, rr-racing shifter poly bushings, royal purple gear oil, king 6 poly engine mounts all around, king 6 custom poly control arm bushings, msd 6al, msd blaster 3, H.E.I. mod, king 6 traction bars, goodridge stainless steel clutch line, two steps colder autolite sparkplugs gapped at .30, hot pipes heat wrapped, royal purple 10w30 motor oil, ebay oil cooler

special features on your system: autometer ultra lite oil pressure gauge, autometer ultra lite oil temp gauge, autometer ultra lite boost gauge, autogauge fuel pressure gauge, aem wideband uego gauge, blue l.e.d's in gauge cluster, apexi turbo timer, greddy ebc(not yet installed), no-name aftermarket tach gauge mounted on the A pillar lol! full msd ignition setup for that extra spark!

performance: not dynoed yet...but will be soon!

was it hard to come up with this: no not at all!

what is your knowledge about cars: i come from a family that does nothing but build 350 blocks so i know a bit about engines...i'm also currently in school studying auto mechanics!

how long did it take to build your system: about 2 years peicing everything toke me a week to put it in the car due to a lot of custom work

how much money have you spent on this all: between 2500-3000 which i will be raising soon

what is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: know what ur getting into before you do it. have everything planned out and all your parts already together before you even start a project like this...your bound to be missing something before you start. make sure your engines healthy and get ready for a bit of custom work to do and a bit of tweaking to do!.....n enjoy ur turbocharged v6 engine !

turbocharging is not cheap and its not easy to put in, its a lot of hard work so be ready for that.
8-20-09 0:59
john15 The system is getting better. And I just thought this would reduce the amount of people asking the same questions time after time.
5-25-09 1:12
matt89glturbo Car/Model/Engine/Year: mx6 m edition kl03 96

Method of forced induction used: ebay T3/T4 hybrid. with matching ebay setup

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Intercooled, ebay kit

Fuel mods: upgraded, but not sure on the exacts, has ms and upgraded pump and injectors

Engine/tranny mods: stock as far as i know

Special features on your system: nifty oil press, boost and a/f gauges mounted under stereo

Performance: 13s at over 4000ft

Was it hard to come up with this: was purchased as is, previous owner put alot of time into it though

What is your knowledge about cars: Im pretty mechanically inclined, have been doing 1gens since high school, work as a diesel mechanic, this is my first run with the kl, however.

How long did it take to build your system: purchased as is

How much money have you spent on this all: paid 3500 for the car

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: its a blast work through the hard parts, its worth it

Would you do it again? yep, still have to finish the 1gens...

I really dont know enough about the mods on this car, just know all of it was bought off ebay...its fun to drive and smooth with the power, unlike my 1gens. Once I get my 90 back on the road I'll tweak this car to my liking...but for now it gets me to work and back and has fun doing it
2-19-09 15:03
guitardude1568 Car/Model/Engine/Year: MX-6 LS 2.5L KLO3/KLDE V6 '93

Method of forced induction used: ebay T3/T4 hybrid. Hotpipes/ downpipe made by Gandarilla

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Intercooled, 28x5.5x2.5

Fuel mods: Walbro 255 lph fuel pump, Megasquirt, Cosmo Racing AFPR, Mazda Millenia S Fuel injectors

Engine/tranny mods: Stock, have a short shifter. I also have a tranny saver but havnt put it on yet.

Special features on your system: AEM wideband EUGO gauge, Megan Racing boost and oil psi gauges. This setup put out over 400 whp when Gandarilla was using it.

Performance: Faster than before

Was it hard to come up with this: It wasnt too hard, just took a long time.

What is your knowledge about cars: Not a ton. I knew the basics of stuff, but i did a lot of research about everything before i started buying parts.

How long did it take to build your system: I started buying parts in the middle of the summer and started putting them on in December so a few months.

How much money have you spent on this all: Up to over 3000 To get it running, i still need more stuff though

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Know what you are doing. Be prepared for something to go wrong.

Would you do it again? I like that I did it and i love driving it, but sometimes i wish i would have bought a fast car to begin with.
9-8-08 3:22
rscircuitcity Car/Model/Engine/Year: Mazda Mx6 LS KLDE 93

Method of forced induction used: Ebay T3/T04e (Turbo starts to spool at 3K, BOOST at 3.5K)
BoomBop V-Band Top 38mm Wastegate, dump to atmosphere
Blitz Type R BOV

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: Same Side FMIC, 2.25in intercooler piping (PC'd Black)

Fuel mods: Blox 12:1 FMU, Millenia S injectors, and Aeromotive FPR

Engine/tranny mods: Stock internals, 6puck XTD clutch, 2.5 inch turbo back with a Jeff Jeske Resonated Test pipe and a 4 inch WB sensor pipe (goes downpipe, WB sensor pipe, Resonated Test pipe and 2.5in test pipe back)

Special features on your system: instead of rewelding the downpipe like 95% of people end up doing... I went out there and added 4 inches of piping and added a WB bung so everything has Exhaust flanges so if i wreck or sell the car i can sell a complete 3 piece exhaust with wideband sensor pipe which allows you to just bolt everything up and go w/o having to reweld anything...

Performance: Not sure yet but ill post dyno pics/numbers soon...

Was it hard to come up with this: Was pretty hard for being a first time I've EVER put on a turbo kit before...

What is your knowledge about cars: I know the KLDE/KLZE like the back of my hand... Rebuilt and installed a couple already...

How long did it take to build your system: I'd say it took 3 days to get everything perfectly in... but a few more days to finish everything up...

How much money have you spent on this all: USD $1800

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted: Make sure you have EVERYTHING before starting to put everything together... you will have many endless runs to shops if you dont...
8-9-08 21:06
Stealth I agree with king, A turbo build will eat all your 8 grand and then something will break (its inevitable) and you wont have any money to fix it.

I would suggest a nice down payment on a stock turbo car.
8-9-08 19:53
KING6 If you got 8grand, spend it on something better, make an investment towards something you actually get a return on.

All your going to do is waste your money trying to something with these cars.
8-8-08 21:39
Help I'm a mechanical Idiot

I'm a driver not a mechanic I don't claim to understand what it will take to build my own car but I do want to do it. >not really I want a mechanic to actually do it< I just don't have any clue where to start I'm going to have about 8 grand to put in the car and I want about 3 grand worth of cosmetics I already have imported a 96 model KLZE and I have a 93LS which if my research is right >Mazda Dealership (although they don't seem to understand anything out of their dealership repair manual) and this wonderful website< I won't have to make any adjustments to my wiring harness for the ZE engine but I plan on rebuilding the engine >slight headgasket problem< and getting a turbo kit what do I need and how should I go about it I would love for my car to be as beautiful as it should be but if I have to forsake the body kit and awesome paint job I will I love to drive and I love to go fast and that is my primary concern although I won't go as far as to rape the interior and a/c and what not for weight!! anyway I'm babbling which tends to happen when your rather poor and you just happen upon 8 thousand dollars hopefully even tho you can't respect me for getting my hands dirty or designing my own system you'll respect my love for my MX-6 >considering it's getting damn near every dime of my settlement!!< and offer me a few suggestions a hand for the less knowledgeable thank you in advance and maybe I'll make something you can be proud of too!!
4-27-08 18:42
LIL SILVER 6 Car/Model/Engine/Year: Origanly a I4 automatic 1995 MX-6 swapped all my 96pgt parts and some other parts Now its a fully swapped LS V6 KLZE 5 SPEED

Method of forced induction used: Holset HX35w turbo, Delta Wastegate, Greddy Type S BOV, Greddy profec B spec II, Greddy TT,Modded Ludespeed origanal hard pipes, from downpipe back, 3"randomtec cat, 3" mand bent pipes, HKS 3" straight threw muffler

Intercooled or not, type of your choice: 27+6+2 1/2 Ebay

Piping/drive system for SC's: Its 2" right now but this year Im planning on a bigger front mount intercooler and 2 1/2" piping

Fuel mods:Walbro 255 HP, Begi FMU, Mil S Injectors, AFPR, Dual feed lines,

Engine/tranny mods:Stock ZE, Spec ST 3, Fidanza Flywheel, SS clutch line, Dot 4 fluid, Front and Rear MM inserts,MSD 6AL, MSD Boost Timming Master, Ext. Blaster 3 coil, MSD 8.5mm wires

Special features on your system:AEM wideband, msd boost timming master right now which I dont think Ive seen anyone else here or PT running one, But I do Have a Megasquirt v2.2 that will be going in soon.

Performance:It pulls hard Its pretty fun Dyno soon to come

Was it hard to come up with this:Nah I had some problems getting this huge turbo to work with hot pipes that were made for a smaller turbo and making the pipes fit after but Overall Im not that stupid when it comes to cars plus Im a welder and mecanic wher I work so not to hard

How long did it take to build your system:Well I came accross the 3"exhaust and the turbo pipes for $160. I was running n2o at the time and I was sick of filling the bottle and running out all the time so I bought these and then did a bunch of research when I thought I had it figured out I found a turbo I liked spent some big money on that when that was in my hand I bought the rest. Id say 3 months

How much money have you spent on this all:I did get lucky on the piping and exhaust BUT I still spent over 2,500 easily. I really dont keep track and I dont even want to know the real amount lets just say if you cant afford to pay your bills and have a lot of extra spending money I wouldnt suggest getting in over your head

What is your advice for people who wants to get boosted:If u can affrd it. Start reading a lot do your research and start with good parts. I bought a ebay bov, and wastegate at first and finally bought diffrent good stuff after that, so I wasted some money now I cant even give the crap away. Have a spare daily driver for when you brake something (because u will)and Like I said before you better have some $$$$$ sitting around or make decent money.
1-14-08 20:44
BLACK 93 PGT 1994 Ford Probe GT

Precision sc61 .60/.63 turbo
Matt Maas custom turbo pipes
28"x12"x3" front mount intercooler
3" cold pipes
Ported & polished IM
VRIS deleted
EGR delete
ZE stock logs
3" downpipe
3" cat-back, no cat. side exit
Millenia s injectors
Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Turbosmart BOV
Turbosmart 38mm wastegate with 7psi spring
AWR 95 durometer solid motor mounts
PRD rear strut tower stabilizer bar
Spec stage 3+ clutch
MX3 flywheel
SS clutch line
2003 Lexus IS300 wheels
Mookeeh boost gauge
65mm throttle body
Tein Stech springs
Mbolin transbrace
TurboXS manual boost controller
Megasquirt V.3 with flatshift/launch control(ordering this in a few weeks)
A/C delete
Weight reduction

I'm sure there is more, but I forget...
12-25-07 13:35
help needed

i have been doin alot of research i have a 96 2.0 with 109,000 and i want it turboed i just need some help as far as where to get parts. i dont want the engine to blow so im guessing i have to rebuild it so i want to know what to get i mean i know piston,rings,etc but like what is the best and where do i get them and of course who can buid it for me since i dont have a shop what some of you guys used well thank you everyone and i see im close to some people it would be nice to do a meet here sometime
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