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administrator 1-13-09 16:27

Site Update Complete!

As you know we have updated the site to make the experience even better! Some new features that we have added with the new version are:

- Improved performance and security
- Updated anti-spam measures
- New membership options
- Updated look and feel
- Option for Youtube embedded video in posts

I have created a thread entitled "Bugs from Update" where you can post any problems we may have overlooked during our testing of the update here:

There is also a thread for any Questions & Comments you may have in regards to the update here:

The FAQ has been updated for any simple questions you may have about the update CHECK HERE FIRST: - FAQ: Update FAQ

Thanks for your patience during the site Downtime!


Cryogen 1-13-09 17:44


Looks a bit more organized now. Good job!

compnut21 1-13-09 18:03

2nd! check under firefox, theres a few errors.

Cryogen 1-13-09 18:07

I'm using Google Chrome and don't notice anything...maybe it's just FF

administrator 1-13-09 18:09

Can we please keep the bug reports to this thread:

We need them in one location so we can keep track of things and fix any issues as quickly as possible.


mx6gtboi 1-13-09 22:21

Nice update! Great to see the community/site expand and grow!:):tup:

Kansas 1-13-09 22:58

I'll be the first to say I hate it:shrug:

pyrotech5 1-13-09 23:07

i agree with kansas. i like the old layout better, but like the new body style of subaru, it might grow on me

BShark 1-13-09 23:55

Constructive criticism
Instead of just saying I don't like it, here's some reasons why:

--Way too much unused space on the right hand side :tdown:
EDIT: I found out from the other thread how to turn it off, so that's good :tup:

--The 'home page' when pressing the logo at the top corner is annoying and makes it more difficult to refresh/navigate; it's just an obstacle more than anything :tdown:
EDIT: Although, the 'bio' of the MX6 is very cool :tup:

--Membership fees increased? Really? There's been a decline in overall activity, so how is a fee increase going to help sustain a healthy membership? :tdown:
--And though I understand the marketing tactic of having it automatically renew yearly, that is going to create some mad conflicts that will likely cause a greater administrative hassle than financially beneficial

That's all for now, but then again, I've only tried the new format for 10 minutes so far

KING6 1-13-09 23:55

I second kansas:tdown:

fredio54 1-14-09 1:01

I was just about to post a thread saying "website broken" but perhaps "website downgrade complete" may have been more appropriate. When I click a forum section or thread, that is ALL I want to see. period. If there is an option to turn this framed crap OFF fine, if not the new way is rather poor indeed.

The above posts raise good points too. I'm just gutted that I didn't beat king to saying what he said :


Originally Posted by Kansas (Post 2155498)
I'll be the first to say I hate it:shrug:


Davaro 1-14-09 2:11

Bah humbug.

Dont like it. Give me the old back...

nmn 1-14-09 6:45

Count me in to!! This suck!
To cluttered.

zach part duex 1-14-09 12:37

Us Mods are locked out!!!!! I know this post is queued up so you probably won't see it.

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