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Todd Volpe 10-17-18 19:43

New Member
Todd Volpe
‘95 MX-6 LS
[email protected]
Bucks County SE Pa
My wife had this car fall in her lap, little old lady single owner with 49k miles on when she bought it. We replaced the distributor, plugs, wires, battery, alternator and crankshaft sensor. There was oil from a leaky valve cover gasket that was scheduled to be replaced. It has a rough idle that initially was thought would go away after the valve cover gasket and necessary intake manifold removal and replacement. When my mechanic got the car to do the work after about a month he noticed that it seemed to be idling a little rougher than it should and did a compression test and found #3 to be low. He expects it to be a burned valve because the cam isn’t noisy. He advised me not to put another cent into it and move on to another car.
This car otherwise is in good shape with 60k miles. If anybody has any interest in purchasing please feel free to contact me.

jchunter 10-26-18 0:03

Don't be so quick to get rid of it. I had the engine replaced in my 1995 MX6 (at 210,000 miles) with a low-mileage KL-ZE for $2,100 by Nova Speed Shop in Manassas back in 2017. It's now at 255,000 and I haven't regretted my decision for a second.

Todd Volpe 10-31-18 20:20

So I checked with my mechanic about the KL-ZE swap and he is concerned about electronic compatibility with the computer. Will there be engine lights having to do with fuel mixtures being wrong, emission issues and what have you. He implied that tackling these kinds of problems would increase labor costs. He told me that he would take a week to research the swap and get back to me. He said I should ask the group here as well.

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