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JoKeR6 1-15-07 11:55

Mavric03 1-15-07 13:28

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Originally Posted by baltazar300zx (Post 1683980)

This thread isn't for random photoshopping, it's just for people that are looking for a specific thing to be changed on their car.

toXic_monkey 2-1-07 12:59

EyeLovetheMx6 2-1-07 20:57


Kansas 2-1-07 20:58

we i will put them on a different BC'd 6 that pic is tiny, what type of wheel is it?

edit, i see it's a konig, i'll give it a go

EyeLovetheMx6 2-1-07 22:01

ok thanks a lot!! :)

Kansas 2-1-07 23:44

here is a go:

i think it looked better blue;)

EyeLovetheMx6 2-2-07 20:49

your photo shop looks awesome!!, who's car is that?
thanks a lot!!

mx6dave 2-2-07 21:11


Originally Posted by EyeLovetheMx6 (Post 1710365)
your photo shop looks awesome!!, who's car is that?
thanks a lot!!

it used to be his car, it was blue. That's why he said he thinks it looked better blue ;)

it's a shame he had to let it go :(

EyeLovetheMx6 2-2-07 22:43

yeah that does suck!! that is such a beautiful mx6!! :eek:

02kyle 2-3-07 22:26

ok kansas I hope that you have some extra time still I am getting my new 18s soon and wanna see what they look like on the 6 b4 I order them. so here we go I need these rims on my 6 I cant seem to get the pic of my car to load up so if someone has one that would be great! I need this done asap cuz I got to get my new rims in like a week lol if you need the link to them it is when I get home I will add a pic of my car as well but thanks if someone has a pic

Kansas 2-3-07 22:37

will do it tonight, i will do the same thing i did for that guy and recolor another blitzed six, your pics are all FTL unless you have the one of it by the graffiit wall, i remember that one being ok.

02kyle 2-3-07 22:44

you I do have it at home but I am at work now what angle and stuff do you need? I would really like to see how it looks with my color and everything. so tell me what you need and I will find it! :)

Kansas 2-3-07 22:45

anything close to that angle, i will search for a pic of the rims on a car, they are always better because there is no white void to deal with.

edit, what wheels are they, your link has NO info

02kyle 2-3-07 22:58

they are kobe viz-5 with the black gloss finish

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