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thedog300 12-3-06 19:40

Post Photoshop Requests Here!!

Originally Posted by your friendly moderators
Alright, so there's getting to be a lot of photoshop requests lately. This is something I've (Mavric) wanted to do for awhile, and Odin concurred it would be a good idea. If anyone has a photoshop request, post it here. If there is one in the open forums, it will be deleted or merged into this thread no questions asked. Also, to keep the thread clean, don't post comments unless it has a photoshop attached to it or it is necessary. Because there are and probably will be merged posts, some replies may not make sense.


Well, I'm thinking about what colour to paint my car in the spring. The car should look factory new by spring, and I'd like to compliment it with a fresh coat of paint. I've got a guy who'll do it for free. I'm thinking of having the bottom blue and top black, or top blue and bottom black, can someone please photoshop a stock '95 mx-6 ls with that kind of scheme? thanks.

These were the colours I was thinking

8user8 12-4-06 4:23

do you atleast have a pic of your car? so i can atleast attempt to ps it for ya

thedog300 12-4-06 10:23

Well, here's a pic of my car right now, but by spring, I'm hoping it'll look stock instead a fix'r upper

burnt_rubber 12-7-06 19:45

pic (photoshop..?) request two-tone 1gen
I'm fixin to repaint my 1gen, its black. But I've been thinking of doing it two-tone, with the bottom up to the trim being the separate color--the trim separating the colors. I'm looking at a dark blue, or maybe silvery-gunmetal-gray for the bottom, with the top upper staying black.

Does anyone have any pics of a 1gen like that or know where I can find one? I coulda sworn there was one on this site somewhere I've seen before (how I got the idea) but I can't find it anywhere no matter how much I search.

Can anyone photoshop this for me? I'll add to your reputation for sure.

Here are some good pics of 1gens, take your pick in case you need it for the photoshoppin.

surgeboost 12-7-06 21:25

here is a go...its hard to get the gunmetal grey in ps:p

burnt_rubber 12-7-06 23:16

Thanks surgeboost, but I think I miscommunicated. I was gonna go two-tone, with only the bottom foot or so of the car as the second tone. So you know the stripping that goes around the bottom, right underneath where it says GT, just lower than the top of the tire? I was gonna keep it black above the line, and do the second color below that line. And if gun metal's hard, feel free to go really anything, i just wanna get an idea of what two-tone looks like. I think the 1gen has natural lines for 2-tone. THANKS!

ODIN 12-11-06 0:43

Photoshop request
I've had a few people say my car looks a bit like a wannabe rex atm, Was wondering if someone could change the wheels to silver and also black perhaps, to see how it looks, as I the car will probably be having somework done in January, as the car came with the rims powdercoated gold and I'm looking at changing it.

Best pic I have atm

Any help much appreciated

Asuna 12-11-06 1:21

PS noob hope it helps odine :)

ODIN 12-11-06 1:28

Well you did better than I could, Suppose I should try using my ps software, thx for the try, what about black?

Can't say I like silver, but that is more of a darkish grey. but thx

MX6_VTECH 12-11-06 1:42

Hey man black is hard to do because of of the hue and all but heres what it would look like. You habe a nice skyline
Had a little fun with this one two tone paint, shaved body lines, eye lids, new wheels and lowered it a bit more :) Its fun going to college to do this kind of stuff

Asuna 12-11-06 9:12
Kinda reminds of the old 911 (I think) where the wheels were the same color as car.

I am not likeing the black at all man. Your car is to bright to pull it off. Id say a nice gunmetal :)

Asuna 12-11-06 11:48

I really like this look, and is probally what id do if it was my car man.

ODIN 12-13-06 16:09


Originally Posted by Gabe17 (Post 1674002)
I think your car would look so much better with some other rim. There are others that are more fashionable, and the right color so you wouldn't be dealing with having to paint rims. Also, I dunno if its just me, but are your tires sticking out of the fenders? like wayyyyy out? For some reason I'm getting that from this picture. If they are, that'd be another reason for my suggestion.

Maybe, I've seen some bayside blue r32 gtr with some nice silver rims. I will be seeing how much it costs to get them stripped, I have a photo of the car in Japan with silver rims

Wasn't sure how it would look in real life though compared to that pic, the wheels were powdercoated before I bought it.

The wheels are just legal for my car, ie they are barely within the guard, all guards are rolled, it's a big no no here to have your tyres sticking out.

Asuna 12-15-06 10:34

black top FTW>

Asuna 12-15-06 10:38

black top FTW.

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