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alwaysbannedMX6 1-4-08 17:32

2008 Photoshop war!!!!
I will start this, and see where it goes. 'Tis just a sample, I want to see some Kansas retaliation:)

"It just comes to show, safe sex is very important. You never know where what car your key might turn on..."

"Crikey!!! Let's keep it down, we dont want to scare the the Kostrish!!"

ragincanadian4 1-4-08 18:05

Holy shit the first one is hilarious.

Kansas 1-4-08 19:02

eating some stew as i type...but PS is open and ready when i'm done...

whitenoyz 1-4-08 19:27

alwaysbannedMX6 1-4-08 20:33

^^^:lol: nice one noize

dustbin 1-4-08 20:35

HOLY s[shizzle]! You're molesting my lip Whitenoyz...

Chefsp0t 1-4-08 23:55

"Mini Me stop humping my frickin mazda6 lip!" Nice work!

MX6_VTECH 1-5-08 0:22

Its been FOREVER since I did one of these. For those who know me, know that I love Photoshop and actually made it into a career as a graphic designer and just graduated 2.5 years of college 3 weeks ago! So its nice to do fun ones like these. Sorry Ry but you and Greg had the best photos. I took some photos from here and there so ENJOY! I spent some time with CS3 tonight


Dima_MX6 1-5-08 7:14

^^^Bahahahaha, fucking *(&^%%^, I can barely hold back the tears from laughing so hard over the last few. Damn good work, vtec.

ragincanadian4 1-5-08 8:34

Haha, last one is great.

whitenoyz 1-5-08 8:39

WOW, copping a feel with a 3 year old

tyler886 1-5-08 8:41

I wish I could do anything with that program besides open it, thats some funny shlt :lol:


SixSick6 1-5-08 10:24

Ry 1-5-08 10:29

Bwahahaha!! Nice work! :)

4cylfun 1-5-08 10:29

jesus christ that was great. sik your pretty awsesome at ps.

A couple of those look like he really should be in the picture. How did you get into ps if you don't mine me asking?

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