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lunchbox 5-15-11 2:09

photoshop wheels?
Can someone please photoshop these wheels on my car and lower the car quite a bit.

anthrax1202 5-15-11 2:39

those RM's?

mikebontoft 5-15-11 2:42

nice angles....... :| I guess maybe it can be mirrored for a halfway decent image. OK maybe i'll try it.

mikebontoft 5-15-11 3:33

eh didn't matter thanks to anthrax I was able to find some different pics (so YES you were right, good job :))

it's semi decent anyway..... I'm happy with the drop at least (well somewhat)

I think you should do it though.....looks nice

edit: OK ok..... I always gotta have fun with the pics I do so here's another one haha

edit again: sorry man I'm still up......I really need to go to bed but I was just messing around and it kinda got messed up but hey I think it's a damn good roof rack I drew haha.

anthrax1202 5-15-11 11:56

They look nice but i don't think they'll fit your car. I think you can get the rs in 5x100 but the rm and most rs are 4 bolt. I don't even know how different the offset is but i can imagine its pretty different. If you could get them on the car i'm sure it'd be pretty sweet.

mikebontoft 5-15-11 12:09

They have 5x114.3 RMs... Question is, which exact ones are we talking about? i read offsets anywhere between +25 to +45 on a variety of widths from 6.5-9"

joeyf0487 5-15-11 14:08


It looks like a teggy from around my neighborhood

mikebontoft 5-15-11 14:10

I was thinking it looked more like a civic with the way the rear end came out.... I'm not surprised though, it looks nice I'd say. lol.

lunchbox 5-15-11 14:13

Thanks Mike, you had me dying with the last one.The wheels I'm looking at are 15x7 and the offset is 40.

mikebontoft 5-15-11 14:25

no problem, I hope that was a "good" kind of dying.... as in laughing. haha.

ok plugged it in with the calculator. You will be fine with those specs... it clears the suspension a bit more and the wheels themselves will stick out about 5mm more and you can use your same tires :)

lunchbox 5-15-11 14:41

Yes, dying in a good laugh.The wheels I'm looking at are golden and single piece rim
here is a link to what they look like but i don't know the model of the rim. F/S 5-lug BBS wheels gold - Honda-Tech

mikebontoft 5-15-11 14:58

lunchbox 5-15-11 15:18

I guess so, but an inch wider and 5x114.

lunchbox 5-16-11 18:47

mikebontoft 5-17-11 0:17

Those look great.... I got some from a Merkur XR4Ti that look just like these for my focus... Im paint matching the insides like those to my car (which is gold).

Post up some pics when theyre on, then I can jack em to see what they look like on mine. :)

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