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VF-30 turbo'd PGT versus Supercharged 500 ci '67 Chevy

Well, one supercharger may have fallen but this one would not...

I'm turning left and I hear something funny behind me...looking in the rear view to see a nasty black '67 Chevy truck with two ~800 CFM carbs sticking out of the hood. When the light turns green I hear a funny wining sound...Oh, ****, I think, that bastard's supercharged!! Knowing full well I may just embarass myself I let off the BOV nice and loud only to have him blow by me and show me the full roll cage and the W I D E S T tires I've ever seen on a stree driven car, no kidding, I saw:

| T I R E |AXLE| T I R E |

Next light and it's red...Oh, hell no can I resist this. Knowing full well I'm about to get my ass handed to me I roll it, punch it...15 psi and very little traction later, with one shift and half a car length I hear the unmistakable sound of Old fashioned SuperCharged and Carbeurated Chevy Power kicking my ass!! And the worst part...While I'm screaming in third at 15 psi he's teasing me by getting on and off the throttle and keeping just ahead of me!!

Next light and we're BS-ing, come to find out it's a built 500 ci big block pushing 5 lbs of boost...as if the N/A motor wouldn't be enough...HEY!! Let's supercharge the bastard!!

So if you ever wondered what to do when a 600 hp N/A motor isn't enough, 8 or 900 is just around the bend :thup:


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