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mazdaboyracer 11-9-09 19:34's Rotary Talk Thread... Rotary talk only!
Since I know there are a number of members here on our boards who either own, have owned, or are interested in Mazda's rotary powered cars I decided to start this thread for specific rotary talk. This was actually JoeyV's(AKA the Rotary Canadian) idea to me after a little chat/thread jack.:p
So go ahead and chat it up, post pics up, but please do not flame it up in here. Otherwise you will be told to GTFO on no uncertain terms.
If you own one please don't hesitate to put up some pics and include some info on your car!:tup:

And for those wanting some more info. on Mr. Felix Wankel's fine addition to the automotive world here are some links.

JoeyV 11-9-09 21:51

ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam!!!
I get to start! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Here it is!

And My next tattoo:

Now that the polluting is done, on with the chit chat!!!!!!!!! :)

Let's start with the misconceptions of this motor:

"It's Unreliable"

This is a true AND false statement.

The true: Leaving this motor as is without taking care of it, or having someone take care of it, leaves it unreliable, yes. Just as any other engine would overheat, seize and whatnot, if this engine is not taken care of, it will not last. The downside is that when not taken care of, it is in fact less reliable than a typical piston engine.

The false: WHEN taken care of* this engine can last as long as any other engine. Few moving parts inside the engine leave for fewer BREAKABLE parts. A typical reciprocating engine has well over 40 moving parts inside it, whereas a Rotary engine only has 3: The rotors, Apex Seals, and Eccentric Shaft.

*Scroll down to "Taking care and maintaining a Rotary engine"

Quick facts:

-Rotary engine are smaller in size and lighter than typical engine. When compared to a 3.5L V6 of equivalent power output, the Rotary is near 90 pounds lighter. Engineers KILL for 90 pounds.

-Rotary engines produce MASSIVE amounts of heat. Keeping a well ventilated engine and engine bay will do wonders.

-Rotary engines create less "shake" than reciprocating engines since the movement is rotational and always in the "same direction"

-The design of Rotary engines is favorable to forced induction(turbo) applications because of their great efficiency to force exhaust gases from the combustion chamber.

-Until the 13B Renesis engine, Rotary engine needed to run a richer than normal A/F setting because of the "overlap" of incoming air and exhaust gas. The displacement of the intake port to a lateral position in the Renesis allowed for better Feul Economy and greater HP numbers in N/A form.

-Little tidbit of information: Primary injectors are 550cc and secondary injectors are 850cc.

"Taking Care and Maintaining a Rotary Engine"

As mentioned earlier, Rotary engine produce massive amounts of heat. Keeping it cool is key for optimal life span. Here are a few things to keep it living well:

-Regular coolant flushes. A 60/40 mixture is good.

-Making sure oil is at a constant level as it is slightly burned in combustion.

-Removing the stock air box and replacing it with an aftermarket intake.

-Removing the stock air pump.

-Removing splash guards.

-A larger intercooler with aluminum tubing will create less turbulence in the induction and allow cooler air into the engine.

That's it for now, can't say it ALL in one shot! :D

mazdaboyracer 11-9-09 22:55

Good post man, excellent information to start this with as well.:tup:
Now as far as those pics...PORN! I sat and drooled for about three minutes before I realized you actually typed words! LOL. I like that sinister ninja look on that black FD:jump:

Here are a couple RX7s I find simply SEXY...

20b Greddy Super 7 by RE Amemiya, the top rotary tuner IMO.

Another REA 7. Not sure what it is exactly just picked the pic up somewhere.

Nice widebody FC

And lastly... The Redbull quad-rotor powered widebody FD!

JoeyV 11-9-09 23:26

The black "Ninja" FD is my buddy Andrews. He's got a 20B single turbo engine ine there. 473WHP...WHEEL HORSEPOWER!!!!!!!! That's just insane in an FD!!!!:eek:


Originally Posted by mazdaboyracer (Post 2269360)
Another REA 7. Not sure what it is exactly just picked the pic up somewhere.

Personally, I think FEED is the top FD tuner. They are less "look" oriented and more "track" originated. That's mainly what I'm into, so it's kinda why.

Here's my all time favorite RX-7:

GuiltySoul 11-10-09 0:17

wow JoeyV I was a little worried about owning or working on a rotary until I read your thread, now I want 1 ^_^. its the same for any car, you take care of it and it will take care of you

heres a pic of an RX-2 at the car show I went to (me and him were the only mazdas in the car show) take a good look at his rims.

mazdaboyracer 11-10-09 16:57

It's like a midget RX haha. Yeah on the Mclaren... :slap!: my bad!

JoeyV 11-10-09 18:51

i think the RX-2 looks more like a midget RX-3 :p. this is my all time favorite RX-3 picture. I look at this and i get moist!

Mazda Carnage 11-10-09 19:15

That is not even close to a McLaren F1, cars to small, engine is to small, there is only 1 seat, the doors are gulwing not lambo and the trunk opens the other way...

The closes I can find is this (and I cant see the pics but the description and yamaha pics make it seem like the same car). It is rotary powered.
GReddy 6! - forums

JoeyV 11-10-09 19:36


mazdaboyracer 11-10-09 20:59

I'm leaning toward a track only REA racecar. It has only one seat, super custom body... I'm thinking a mid mounted rotary racecar. I thought Mclaren was over the top, but assumed JoeyV might have known more then I... never assume right? LOL

ls six 11-10-09 21:12

Good call Dan, this is a thread that needed to exist. Should get stickied and remain open.

I still ont a 1st gen and saw an 85 gslse with very low miles that has sat in a garage for 20 years! Just a couple grand lol.

Next someone should start a thread for ITB's pointing out that they are despite the common myths NOT difficult to tune (with a relatively mild cam) and do NOT give up all low wnd torque and are NOT only for race engines developed by the OE's.

Waiting for FEEN to chime in ;)

JoeyV 11-10-09 21:12

yup! lol, when you assume, you make an ass out of U and ME :lol: I just KNEW it wasn't an RX7 though. the wheel base is just too long to even come close to that.

JoeyV 11-10-09 21:16

I think we should possibly have a section in the "Mazda Family" sub forum :P

Mazda Carnage 11-11-09 9:07


Originally Posted by JoeyV (Post 2269588)

You're right, that isn't a McLaren F1, but if you look at the side view here, they're very similar, I think anyways. The Mazda symbol does spark interest. Also, Where did you get the the info on it being Rotary powered?

post #5 in the link.

midrange 11-11-09 12:47

I have always liked the look of the RX7 with the lights down, when the lights are up, i find it kinda fugly. But i'd still own one.

What worries me about rotary is APEX seals!

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