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ZE Power MX6 3-17-11 16:36

My 1993 RX-7 Work Log
I'm gonna start off with a little background, so lets roll the clock back to 2007.

My turbo M-Edition started to smoke very bad under load, at first I thought it was the turbo seal, so I replaced it with a new turbo, guess what it still smokes so I could've blown a ring, at that point I decided to just do a complete turbo build.

In April 2008, I found myself an RS for daily so I can park the M-Edition and maybe start working on it. At that time I was still paying off a huge amount of CC debut that I have built up during college years (yeah I was stupid), so funding for the rebuild was very limited or maybe even non-existent, CC debt was paid off in March 2009.

In May 2009, after the M-Edition has been sitting outside under the cover for over a year, I finally convinced my parents to let me moved it into the garage. I pull the motor out later on that month, was planning to start with the body that summer and started to collect a bunch of parts for my turbo build. Though I ran into a lot of issue with the RS and ended up spending most of my time that summer fixing it, therefore the M-Edition sits in the garage for another year. On top of that, I live with my girlfriend in the city, about 35 mins away from my parents house, so that makes it harder to work on the car everyday, or even once a week.

In 2010, more and more parts has been piled up but still no progress on the M-Edition, plus my girlfriend and I were moving into our first house, which took up most of my time during the summer, and therefore the M-Edition sits once again untouch through out the summer. After we moved in I've decided to tow the car to my house so I can finally start the build, so I started moving all to parts I've collected to my house. During the move, I notice the car has started to rust. Underbody, engine bay, subframe had all rusted pretty bad, probably from sitting outside for too long :( It'll require a lot of time and money to bring just the body back to good condition, and on top of that I still have to spend money on the engine build. At that point I just didn't think it was worth it anymore.

In September 2010, The part out began and at the same time the search for my dream car has also began. I chose the RX-7 because I've always wanted one when I was in high school, and I think it's time to fulfill that dream. Being a 93-95 model, they are hard to come by especially being unmodded and has low mile, on top of that I want only white or black nothing else. I was actually settled with a white one I found in Maryland at one point, it was a 94 with 50,000 miles, everything original except an aftermarket front bumper, FMIC and bigger radiator. I waited 3 months for the seller to take it to a Mazda dealer for a compression check (this is when the bad luck happened). The mechanic who was supposed to do the compression check really like the car, and he offer the seller $2,000 extra to buy the car from him right then and there. With the car being at the top of my budget, I cannot afford to rise my offer so I just watch the deal slipped through my hands :cry: Because of what happened I had to go with my 2nd option, a 93 in black with 58,000 original miles on chassis. Motor and turbo was recently rebuilt with less than 300 miles, only modification is a downpipe which is more an upgrade than a mod in the RX-7 world, and interior look brand new.

March 11th, 2011, I flew out to NC to look at the car in person, everything checked out good except a few things that the seller didn't mention before hand, but that didn't stop me from buying this beauty! I closed the deal that day and had my trucker pick it up in the afternoon while I was flying back up to Chicago, 48 hours later I have it on my driveway :jump:

Looking out from my office...

Some close up...

Two things I did right away is change out the wore out stock shifter with a MSP one, and added a boardway mirror to help my rear view vision

I'll upgrade the coolant system soon and add some gauges to monitor the engine

Stay tuned!

Phoenician6 3-17-11 16:56

That thing is so clean man. I cant believe the mileage either.

I can haz some of your luck too? :angel:

good find man. :tup:

illinin09 3-17-11 17:11

If you dont mind me asking, how much did u pick this up for?

JoeyV 3-17-11 17:52

I see you're doing the same kinda thing as me! :p :tup: I don't ahve time to read it all now, but when I get home, I'll read it all! :)

ZE Power MX6 3-17-11 22:55

Yeah, I'm not good at putting stuff together for people to read, so I figure I would copy your format, hope you don't mind :)

JoeyV 3-18-11 7:59

Of course not, man! It's fun when it's story like. Makes for more details and more interest in the complete story. :)

A Simple MX6 3-19-11 12:02

Man that Rx7 is clean, I'm extremely jealous of that interior. Was it always kept that way, or has some of it been restored?

ZE Power MX6 3-19-11 14:39

As far as I know everything is original except a rebuilt motor and turbo.

JoeyV 3-19-11 17:02

So, basically, we're building our RX-7's at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm purpose building it for race and track use, and you're keeping it as clean as possible to have it be a nice weekend queen. :) So alike, and so different. I love it! :tup:

ZE Power MX6 3-19-11 23:00

Yeah, I won't be taking mine to a track, mostly a weekend cruiser or take it to car meets/shows. Power wise I'm OK with 300ish, so some bolt on and a tune will get that done with the stock twins :) I'm going to enjoy it that way for a couple of years, then we'll see if I'll get bite by the mod bug :lol:

ZE Power MX6 5-29-11 17:05


Took a couple days off to work on the 7 before BAMM2k11.

No power adder, just upgraded the coolant system and installed all the gauges, but they are a must for the 200+ miles drive to Indy for BAMM2k11.

Things installed:
- Koyo N-FLO Radiator
- New radiator hose
- FC Thermoswitch to turn the fan on early
- New thermostat
- Deleted AST
- Installed water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauge

On to the pictures

Installing Koyo

Wire up the gauges

All back together

R1 lip that I didn't have the time to install

Couple picture of it at BAMM2k11

Sorry for the crappy pictures, my camera can't take night picture at all, and all the installation picture are quick snap with an iPhone. I'll have get some better one once the R1 lip is installed, hopefully the weather will gets better by then so I can wash/wax it.

JoeyV 5-30-11 7:57

Nice upgrades man! The N-Flow is a bit of overkill though, unless you plan on aggressively tracking it, you won't make use of it. Heck, even the regular Koyo (which I have) doesn't get used to full potential even in a track car. :p

I'd like to know though, why delete the AST? Any particular advantages?

ZE Power MX6 5-30-11 16:34

I don't know about Montreal, but here in Chicago we see high 90's to over 100 in the summer. Take today as an example, 90deg out and my temperature was hovering between 195-200, never really dip any lower even cruising 75mph on the highway. The N-FLO might be overkill but is good to have, just for the piece of mind I don't have to worry when I'm driving in the summer :D

As far as the AST, I don't like to use aftermarket cap that I can't find in a local part store, and the AST really doesn't do much other then giving you more chances to have a leaky hose and to mask a blown coolant seal. I was buying a bunch of stuff from Malloy Mazda and the delete kit is only $40, which came with the 0.9bar cap, so I decided to just delete it. As long as you burp the system right you won't have any issue :)

JoeyV 5-30-11 21:50

Of course having peace of mind with these cars is fun! lol

As for the AST delete kit, you think you could post a picture of it installed? I'm curious to see what it's comprised of.

ZE Power MX6 5-31-11 2:05

The delete kit replace the top part of the filler neck, the part that's holding down by 2 10mm bolts. One came with the kit has a nipple on it, which goes to the overflow tank, and the nipple originally goes to the AST now goes to the bottom of the radiator. You can kind of see it in the engine bay picture I posted, I can take a few better shots tomorrow if you want to see some better ones ;)

Took a couple more pictures after a quick wash today :)

Next is going to be the R1 lip, and probably redo all the vacuum line, that's gonna be fun!

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