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Good luck with that. I'm given up hope on ever hearing from them or getting my part or money from them.
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I think they are just lazy as [fizzle], I dont think it's about the money. I put down $125 not like it's that much but I still deserve what I paid for. If they can't afford 25-35 bucks to ship out some orders every so often and get the ball moving, they are in the wrong business and shouldn't have done anything in the first place.

The way it seems to me, Misty just writes emails (extremely slow to respond) and thats about her only part. Todd was basically a little kid with a credit card. He bought up all this [shizzle], machines, materials, even cars in some cases, then played with it all for a few days and called it quits. I doubt anyone has heard anything new or talked to them, but it would be nice to get my money back. It would almost be like found money too since I'm not expecting it back. I was pretty understanding with them about the whole thing, but its beyond rediculious at this point.

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Dude you guys need to stop posting here, and get authorities involved, on THIS kind of scale, you better believe FBI's fraud department will make something happen, but not if there is just one complaint... 5..6...10..11 the FBI will be like wtf is going on?
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guess this thread is dead no 1 ever heard from em again...i got a tiny thing to add..they need more skills...i dont know why but i just tried to install the RSTB i bought from them 2 yrs maybe ago..yes i delay everything..dam thing wont fit at all..guess it was only meant to fit ever after modfying it a bit(like sawing off chunks of it) it finally ever after wards i realized the mounts or too thick an cant lay flat on the strut mount..unless i can get longer studs on a mount or grind layers of metal away on the in the end it wouldnt fit probes or mx-6's..has anyone installed theres yet?

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its very sad how whenever someone trys to do something for the probe/mx6 community they screw people over or they themselves get screwed over. first i heard about this a while back, then mr.speed (superchargers) went out because of money issues inculding the usual paypal drama. whos next? i just want to see at least 2 or 3 more successful probe/mx6 custom parts places start and acctually keep on running.

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Has anyone recieved anything from PMO? I tried to get my money back through PayPal but the time had expired waiting on the empty promises from PMO, and now no contact with them what-so-ever. I bascially have half a brake kit, it would be kind of nice to get the rear ones that have been paid for.
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