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Lambera 7-10-08 1:35

List of known scammers (includes ebay)
So I wanted to create a central list for members to view of people that have scammed on this site and / or ebay sellers. Which is often an ex member of this site.


The Banstick list:

Ona5point0 / jtoys / shawnb
Beware: Shpongle Monkey
bizkit29588: John Reiter

klzeressurector 4-23-09 17:48

Here's another!
Put MazdaBoost there too! Ripped me off for AUS$340 & never replied email or gave me con note num from US. I paid him via PayPal & got back $16AUS!
I don't wanna see anyone else go through this from this fraud!

KSHHUANG 4-24-09 13:12

psgt21 on ebay ripped me off on springs and struts never got item an claims he sent them and later stopped replying back to my emails

downest on mx6 forums here whom never sent my nology wires

shaundizzle on mx6 fourms never sent my jspec headlights kept saying hes going to send it but then took a 6 month fishing trip..atleast make a better BS story then that loser

j2k90 on mx6 fourms from the UK never sent my jspec headlights when he said he did no tracking nothing

SLAMDAWG543 7-10-09 13:29

add oredroc4 i sent him money for jspec headlights in winter and i never got them

slime 3-31-13 14:54

Bad Seller
J Price: The [email protected] also has [email protected]
He's in the North Carolina area..

el seven 4-1-13 11:35

SixSick6; although he's been recently removed from posting...

04ProbeGT 4-1-13 14:36


Originally Posted by el seven (Post 2408154)
SixSick6; although he's been recently removed from posting...

His ebay name is forcefedperformance

04ProbeGT 4-10-13 16:02

Hes also gone to selling on youtube name is turbos4sale, as well as he has a bunch of other channels.

93mx6lsze 5-16-13 19:18

rebel2k4 sold me a T3 F2T manifold and the welds were of very poor quality. No penetration. Two of them cracked when I bolted the turbo to it. I sent him pictures of the cracks and he tried to tell me it looked like undercut. I know what the hell undercut is. This was a bead that had been squirted onto a surface with a complete disregard for quality work. He was very difficult to deal with and wouldn't pay for shipping so I could return it to be welded again. After several emails, I decided to have a friend (a production mig welder) take it to work and weld it properly, which cost me nothing.

el seven 5-16-13 19:53


Originally Posted by 04ProbeGT (Post 2408172)
His ebay name is forcefedperformance

Looks like he was sixsick6 until a year and a half ago.

Then eBay decided he wasn't good enough for their "community" and banned him last month? :lol:

Elli 8-31-13 0:38

Watch out for velocity-tech on ebay. I bought KYB struts off them and when I tried to return them (as they didn't fit the car they said the struts would) they suddenly disappeared. I raised a discrepancy on Ebay and they just waited me out, only giving me a general response in the beginning and not responding to my follow up emails. I then emailed them after the case was closed due to time and they said it was the first time they'd heard from me and to tell them when I purchased the struts. I reminded them of who I was and no response. Two follow up emails later asking if they had received my prior emails were also left unanswered. This is how they do business.

So if you order from Velocity-tech... hopefully they get it right the first time, or you're fucked.

Rizzo90 6-28-15 14:29

sicksix6 or whatever dirtbag calls himself these days, ripped me off years ago... no one did much to him. kinda why i disappeared

Leev 7-16-15 22:05


Leev 7-28-15 22:56


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