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evo626 1-22-03 1:44

Colorado Team Speed6
What is team Speed6.
Its an all mazda team consiting of mainly MX6s,626s,Probes and other such mazdas.
Who can join? Its open to anyone with a mazda wanting to hang out in the Colorado area.
How do I join?
All you have to do to become a memeber is just show up to 3 or more meets or functions.
Where do I find out about meets?
Here or on COSR

What is our goal?
To meet fellow mazda owners and show a mazda pressence at meets and to most of all have fun! Remeber the more people that show up to meets, the more fun we all have.

Do you have a website?
We do

Join the team.


Plunky27 1-22-03 2:01

I MADE THE FIRST REAL POST HERE YOU B**** A$$ MOTHER******s!!! Ok i'm bored, and you all know i'm jokin. I have every intention of being at the meet in a few fridays. I left a note on some six that lives over by my girlfriends house. It had exhaust on it. Maybe he will post.... Anyways, i'm bored and not remotely tired. Werd to all your mothers..


GT TURBO 1-22-03 2:09

hey guys haven't posted in a while but i am moving up to denver for college at the begining of febuary so i will be able to come to more meets i would come on friday but i got to work

Co93MX6 1-22-03 2:13

I wouldnt say that we post all of our meets on COSR.
Its about time someone did this.

3 Times ----Damn 5$ for SPEED 6 stickers

Dtrichmx6 1-22-03 3:10

For those that dont remember me im currently in korea and i was going to come to be a part of the sixers when i get to colorado at ft carson BUT i have decided to sell my six when i get to CO its a 94 mx6 4 cylinder needs some rear end body work im selling it as is in probably june or july the transmission is brand new and also the torque converter i had them replaced cuz they were blowing seals for some odd reason it has 14 inch epic racing rims a aem cat back exhaust 2 1/2 inch pipe well heres some pics oh the reason im selling it is im going to get the new mazda 6 GT S woohoo 220 horses off the lot cant wait

another question though will the sixers accept a new six to the club or is it older generations cuz id still love to be a part of yalls crew i havent worked out a price on it yet but im looking at 2500 obo oh and one more thing about the car i havent been able to really take care of the paint on it since im in korea so it needs a paint job the clear coat is coming off the front end of the car..

Write me at [email protected] if you are interested

Co93MX6 1-22-03 3:34

Are you selling your 6 because I didnt send you those stickers:E

L-ucky-S-ix 1-22-03 14:16


L-ucky-S-ix 1-22-03 14:20

Remember when I was telling you guys that my dad wanted to get a supra, well he changed his mind a while ago and now he is flying out to kansas city on saturday and driving back in a 2001 Ford Cobra, convertible, mineral grey. He gonna put a super charger on it soon, but that means he and I will be racing different cars in the upcoming autocross Feb 14. in different classes of course!

Dtrichmx6 1-22-03 20:14

naw i just want a new six i dont have the money to sit and spend on a old car i need something that is going to be reliable for my family and that i can hook up a lil bit but if you guys know anyone around there or in the club that wants it im towing it from VA in april to Colorado so its not getting anymore miles on it it has approx 160,000 i think maybe more :) im the original owner had it since 94 its been rear ended 1 time pretty mard by a caddy thats why i said i had some work needed to the rear end but im leavign the blaupunkt head unit and the rims on it I WANT THE NEW MAZDA 6 so i can atleast keep up with you guys id be the laugh of the whole car club cuz it just odnt have the POWER in the old six

N8crlsn 1-23-03 19:28

This is kinda off topic, but where do you guys reccomend for car audio/electronics here in Co. Ive gone to soundtrack twice, and twice been screwed. :( Im not intending to ever go back. This last time, they were gonna install remote keyless for me. First time I go there, pay, drop off the car. Come back when its supposed to be ready, and the idiots tell me that they forgot that I needed an actuator, that the part is only gonna cost me $20, but $60 in labor, and that im gonna need to drop it off again. :rolleyes: So im pissed, but what can I do. :o Then I get it back the second time, and the idiots forgot to connect the remote keyless to the factory alarm, so my alarm goes off every time I unlock the car with the remote. So I have to get another appointment, and take the car back again. Then, the idiots break the key off in the lock while its there, and also somehow manage to crack the door panel, so now theres a big gap between the panel and the door itself, which may or may not be fixable. Needless to say, im kinda pissed at them. :mad: Any recommendations on where to take my car from now on?

GT TURBO 1-24-03 2:32

car toys is a pretty good place, kinda pricey but good work

L-ucky-S-ix 1-24-03 11:12

IMO SOundtrack would be the best and Car Toys sucks like no other. Soundtrack will install properly the first time while Car Toys will have to do it twice and do it wrong twice.
Happened to me and my friends down in the springs.

N8crlsn 1-24-03 18:17

Guess it just depends on the installer, cuz if you read my post, Soundtrack screwed me. What soundtrack do you use? I went to the one on 84th.

By the way, anyone planning to come to the meet on the 31st, im pretty sure its been moved to the 7th. Waiting for Matt to PM me back to verify. Whos all planning on going?

N8crlsn 1-24-03 18:21

What Soundtrack do you use? And if its the one on 84th, is there a particular installer you use? Same at cartoys? Sounds like it just depends on who does the install.

N8crlsn 1-24-03 18:24

Oh, by the way, the meet on Jan 31st has been changed to Feb 7th im pretty sure. Im waiting for verification from Matt on COSR, but im pretty sure its been moved. Who all is planning on coming?

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