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Lord_Borinal 4-4-03 22:59

What happened to the UT thread?

moto_glen 4-17-03 19:50

this does suck pretty bad where did it go it just disapeard today so whats up i guess i can say i was wondering if any of you guys would mind a first gen mx6 taging along with you guys on your rides tell me when you guys are meeting up and i will be there hope to hear from all of youguys peace out

Lord_Borinal 4-18-03 20:27

Im sure none of us would mind.
I guess it isn't gone, just dont know where it is... here is link...

Crimson Fox 6-15-04 12:58

I need to agree with the MX6 mods here. The topic regarding a forum on Probetalk is over. They have made their decision and we have made ours. This thread if for Utah probes. Not for PT mods to try and prove their point. It is also not for our members (me included) to vent their opinions of the PT moderators.

We still need to set up a meet. How many people think that they can make it out to a BBQ?


smithule 6-15-04 13:58

I can make it as soon as we finish with my car. We dropped the motor back in yesterday. Now we just gotta put it all back together and hope it'll start. My little bro bought a probe so he'll prolly come too. Saturdays after 4 are best for me cause i work.

Millett 6-18-04 0:42

well looks like we have a new place to talk :wave:

Ryan 6-18-04 4:15

Sorry guys, that's partially my fault...let my anger and frustrations carry over here and this is not the place for that.

In other news I've had some fun lately, one story can be seen here and the other here and as you can see I've acquired another car...or rather traded the Green Probe for the new one...It's an '89 PGT, the gold one that Zach sold to Sean. Deal is like this...The Green '93 LS that Zach bought became a in Zach tore it apart and didn't want to deal with it so he traded that for a F2T motor that sean had about $700 worth of machine work and parts in...New pistons, bearings, .040 over and the lot. And Zean needed a motor and manual tranny and all the other various things needed for the ATX - MTX conversion so I got his Gold '89 in trade for my Green '93.

Great thing about this one is the body, suspention and interior are in great shape. Especially compard to the POS Gray Probe. It's got a low mileage bottom end (~70-80k miles) Port and polished head, IM, and the gem of it all a VF-30 with full turbo back 3" exhaust. Think of the VF-30 as the VF-22 (one on Zach's white Probe) with a non-ball bearing version. yeah, this thing at 15 psi is ungodly! no traction in 2nd with LOTS of torque steer. Very fun :E

And I'll be living in Salt Lake very soon, within two to three weeks so I'll be happy to host the BBQ. We're looking at a couple places still, but think we know what we want, either way I'll still have my own room and a nice two car garage, a definite must.


smithule 6-18-04 21:10

I've got no clue what's wrong with my car. We've checked and double checked everything. I've already started lookin for a replacement car till we can figure this one out. I test drove a 91 RX7, it wasn't too bad.

Ryan, anyway you would sell me one of your cars fro $1k or less?

Ryan 6-18-04 23:48

Sure thing dan, I'd let the Gray car go for what I put into it...I'll even get it re-painted if you like.


Ryan 6-19-04 0:20

Oh yeah, and I got my ass handed to me by a black modded SRT-4 today...Bummer dude.


Hotxed 6-19-04 17:21

What's up man I got's a 2nd genmx6

Millett 6-19-04 20:35

Does anybody know where some stock rims are like i have, or some chrome swirlys, one of my rims has a crack in one of the spokes and its getting bigger, theres some of the chrome ones on ebay for $700 but thats kinda alot i think or there's a set like i have except they have a ploshied finish to them. I didnt know that some had a finish like that but the guy says it was done by the factory :rolleyes:

Ryan 6-20-04 6:43

Call around to junkyards, I'd try Penguin Automotive and Butcher Automotive...I don't think they directly deal with wheels but bolth use a somewhat separate guy that does. Seems to always have lots of wheels.

And of course you can ask Zach...I believe we offered one or two to you a while ago but you didn't seem to want them.

Oh, and the Gold Probe beat a '85 Vette tonight...multiple times...True he was an automatic...But I'm talking about beating him from a car behind :D Even saw a Viper...but he turned off before I could have the honor of being spanked by him.


Millett 6-21-04 18:57


Originally Posted by Ryan
And of course you can ask Zach...I believe we offered one or two to you a while ago but you didn't seem to want them.

Oh i thought that he was going to use them cause they were sanded down or some thing?

smithule 6-21-04 23:20

I drove my car home today it made it ok but still runs like crap. I might take it to a shop and let them put a computer to it or something.

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