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Claeren 11-28-02 12:50

Western Canadian Members Database
Just so we know who is from where.

ONLY put the info wanted, if you want to write about something else start a new thread, we want to keep this streamlined so it is easy to search. All fields are of course optional.

So you can cut and paste:

Car (year/model/transmission/colour):
Major performance modifications:
Major appearance modifications:
How do we know its you?:

So for me:

Name: Michael
Age: 22
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Community/District/Quadrant: Silver Springs / NW
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 1993 LS ATX Dark red
Major performance modifications: Ractive Cat-back exhaust
Major appearance modifications: N/A
How do we know its you?: Look for the dual tip exhaust.

TJ-MX6 11-28-02 14:55

Name: Thomas
Age: ..older than most on this site...
City: Burnaby
Province: BC
Community/District/Quadrant: Westridge
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 1994 MX6 LS MTx/Cameo
Major performance modifications: Custom Cai, Ractive RSTB
Major appearance modifications: Fog light modification, new Millia Migila Plus wheels 16x7.5 with Falken ze512's @ 205/60/16.
How do we know its you?: Personal plate. decals

Mike 93LS 11-28-02 17:55

Name: Mike Young
Age: 25
City: Richmond
Province: BC
Community/District/Quadrant: South Central
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 1993 MX-6 LS MTX Red
Major performance modifications: HD CAI, Borla Cat-back, Eibach pro springs, Tokico struts, phenolic spacers, FD wheels.
Major appearance modifications: BCPOC stickers
How do we know its you?: The one with FD rims + stock spoiler.

hardboiler 11-28-02 19:33

Name : Zin-Keith MK Lay
Age : 22
City : Surrey
Province : BC
Community/District/Quadrant :
Car (year/model/transmissoins/colour) : 1994 Ford Probe GT MTX Ferrari Red
Major performance modifications : HAI, Dynomax custom Cat-back, Sprint springs, Tokico struts, PRD-STS, Racive rear and front strut tower braces.
Major appearance modification : Nakayama GT 5 17s, Corksport spoiler, aftermarket power moonroof, one of a kind projector HIDs.
How do we know it's you? : One of the nicest PGT around, with the meanest look. ;)

RedMX 11-28-02 20:29

Name: Raj
Age: 21
City: Surrey/Burnaby/Vancouver/North Van - You'll see me all over
Province: BC
Community/District/Quadrant: 42 :)
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 1993 MX-6 LS ATX Red
Performance modifications: K&N, Transmission Cooler, PnP'd IM, rear sway bar, rear strut bar, phenolic spacers, FD wheels.
Major appearance modifications: eh? does wax count? :D
How do we know its you?: The one with FD rims, no spoiler, SFICC sticker middle top rear windshield

max 12-5-02 0:03

Name: Doug
Age: Not 25
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Community/District/Quadrant: SE
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): '88 GT MTX White
Major performance modifications: K&N Filter, No CAT
Major appearance modifications: Bra, DX Trunk Conversion
How do we know its you?: I'm the one smiling behind the wheel!

Potvin 12-5-02 1:40

Name: Duane Bennett
Age: 29
City: New Westminster, soon to be Surrey
Province: B.C.
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 94PGT ATX, Black
Major performance modifications: Borla, PRM CAI
Major appearance modifications: Crap Paint, is that really a mod?
How do we know its you?: BCPOC Stickers, dual tips

keith_kelsey 12-6-02 4:02

Name: keith Gilmour
Age: 17
City: surrey
Province: B.C.
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 95/Ls/5-speed/silver
Major performance modifications: none
Major appearance modifications: grill and lots of neons
How do we know its you?: euro plate (WS 8139) and lots of blue neons. Stereo goes boom.

anythingcanada 12-26-02 6:06

Name: Chris Browne
Age: 26
City: Calgary
Province: aAberta
Community/District/Quadrant: not sure yet
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 93/ls/mtx/sexyblack
Major performance modifications: ze to be (soon)
Major appearance modifications: j-spec lights/efini emblems
How do we know its you?: i got purdy headlights

AdamTurbo 12-26-02 20:01

Name: adam trinder
Age: 25
City: vancouver
Province: B.C
Community/District/Quadrant: oakridge
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): gray 88 mx6 gt
Major performance modifications: built motor
Major appearance modifications: custom body kit
How do we know its you?: the only car that looks like a skyline in van city

TJ-MX6 12-31-02 14:49

...Hey Adam .. you sure you didnt leave anything out from your sig?? - its longer than your posts ....hahaha .. have a good new year..

stockguy 2-4-03 17:04

Name: Brett Smith
Age: 20
City: Lethbridge
Province: Alberta
Community/District/Quadrant: West
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 88/LX/5-spd/Black
Major performance modifications: Umm... none
Major appearance modifications: Looks like a GT... ooh, aah
How do we know its you?: I'm the only N/A 1st Gen who has the audacity to post in this database :D

Roxer 2-24-03 19:12

Name: Phil
Age: 17
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Community/District/Quadrant: Northwest
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): 93/LS/MT/Red
Major performance modifications: Nada
Major appearance modifications: Nada
How do we know its you?: You probably won't

Orcala 3-11-03 20:09

Name: [COLOR=royal blue]Vance Law [/COLOR]
Age: [COLOR=royal blue]17 [/COLOR]
City: [COLOR=royal blue] Calgary [/COLOR]
Province: [COLOR=royal blue]Alberta [/COLOR]
Community/District/Quadrant: [COLOR=royal blue]South East/Sundance (aka - rich snobby lake neighnerhood) [/COLOR]
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): [COLOR=royal blue]1989/MX-6 LX F2/5 SP/Azure (Tan-ish) (hehe, our Corolla's paint is called plum (aka purple) [/COLOR]
Major performance modifications: [COLOR=royal blue]Ghetto Fabulous Home Depot CAI, Custom Bent FULL Exaust, soon to be new Stainless Steel Oval Muffler (4" ROUND HUGE FRIGGIN TIP) [/COLOR]
Major appearance modifications: [COLOR=royal blue]Ron Jon Surf Shop stickers from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Halogen Driving Lights under bumper, ALL RED taillights from a junked 92 GT. [/COLOR]
How do we know its you?: [COLOR=royal blue]Look for my friends butts hanging out the window, and the overkilled muffler [/COLOR]

mrozema 3-18-03 19:51

Name: Matt Rozema
Age: 22
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Community/District/Quadrant: Silver Springs/NW
Car (year/model/transmission/colour): '93/Mystere LS/MTX/Black
Major performance modifications: CAI
Major appearance modifications: Aluminum grill between stock fog lamps (not really major, but whatever :P )
How do we know its you?: Check the license plate: "MAX 6"

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