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PSI626 12-3-06 1:27

SA Chat Thread
Thought this would be a good idea to start so we can keep strong in SA, its a place where you can just say g'day and chat about anything and let other SA members know who you are and what you have been up to ect....


tx5turbo 12-3-06 1:47

Ill start :D, I was going to change a manifold gasket when I discovered the head needs work because someone put a bolt in too far and straight into a water gallery. All part of the fun :)

CardinalBiggles 12-3-06 1:57

Well.. I know what I'M going to be up to on Monday. Just lost my clutch :(

PSI626 12-3-06 1:58

Dion were you thinking of us today......?
I think everybodys a bit tired now, yawn:o

That sucks about your clutch AM!! keep us posted on what happens with it.

Selva 12-3-06 6:13

yeah my clutch is a bit off too... im gonna change that as soon as i got the moolah... anyone know what a heavy duty/button is worth?

CardinalBiggles 12-3-06 6:27

Well, I have some photos up from the cruise:
For more, Pop over to flickr

Yeah, after losing the clutch on South Road on the way home, I managed somehow to limp the car to a workshop and got a lift home. First thing Monday morning I'll survey the situation - chances are it's a popped clutch hose of some description.

I can't begin to describe how much I don't like the idea of doing clutchless gear changes.. glad it didn't happen while we were at Victor! I think I should get a lotto ticket this week for sure :D

PSI626 12-3-06 6:33

Hey wheres Selva? lol:p

EDIT- not really funny, sorry mate

PSI626 12-3-06 7:04

Thanks AM for the pics and comments,im not good at that stuff. you did really well to talk on the UHF, take photos while driving good work!
Rep for your efforts:angel:

000mx6 12-3-06 19:06

well psi626 u ddid a great job on the cruise matey! i recon it was fantastic....well not this wekkend but the next there is a charity cruise u have to bring a toy or ten bucks to raise money for the salvation army...i thought we could all go as a group and have another mini cruise but just with a whole lot of other people and cars there....i recon it would be great....

CardinalBiggles 12-3-06 22:03

Well, Mixy survived the night outdoors and it turns out that Cromax was right in his diagnosis - I'd popped the hose that attaches to the gearbox housing. I'll pick her up in a few hours and then do the ol' switcheroo.

[Edit: Not only was he right, he got the price about right too.. he said $80 part and the whole thing cost me $90. Woo hoo!]

Where's the rest of the pics, hmm? I know there's some out there..

banditojones 12-4-06 1:51

Hey great cruise psi me and the missus really enjoyed ourselves, although after all them corners and breaking I seriously got to get my breaks done, they werent the best before and they are shocking now lol I will be putting some pics up on my home page pretty soon from the cruise


Marriage is give and take..........if you dont give she will take

PSI626 12-4-06 2:16

yeah ill work out this pic posting thing very soon i promise.

I called Cory from magg wheel and tyre centre today to have a chat about my ride hight that im not happy with, he really counldnt help me as he wont sell Kings but he said he was happy to modify the springs properly (if there is such a thing) i called King Springs and they said the GD on super lows will sit the rear 30mm lower because the fronts cant handle being that low. they say any lower the spings will fall out if jacked up???? 000mx6 yours sit quite low on the front, do your springs seem real loose when jacked up? i had standard hight front kings on before, should i kick up a stink and get my money back on the new fronts and just cut my old kings???

EDIT- see the pic above, my car (silver GD) should sit the front bumper the same as 000mx6 car (white 1st gen)

banditojones 12-4-06 2:22

Just as a friendly request can people posting pics of others cars please make sure the licence plates are blocked out, it only takes a few secs to do it in paint, thank you


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tx5turbo 12-4-06 5:49

lol weve got a white TX5 ghia like that (white too) and a 626 turbo also in champagne. But the TX5 goes harder :P

The TX5 has:

Low Kingsprings
TX5 Turbo Rims
Polyeurothane Bushings
Monroe Sensatrac Shocks
Rebuilt Engine (.20thou overbore)
Rebuilt Gearbox and New Clutch
K&N Pod
4-2-1 Extractors
2" Exhaust, Lukey Muffler
Custom White Face Guages
Kenwood Sound System (PUMPS!!)
Dual Core Aluminum Radiator
Modified AT2 Grille

Umm I think thats it

000mx6 12-4-06 15:26

yeah ive got a full set off king springs all the way around!. um the front ones are a standard sit and dont fall out if jacked up...but the rear when i got them were abit higher so i went to industrial springs and got them reset....i think they reheat them and dip them in like a oil substance ...they just resize your springs to what ever u want....

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