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626 GT
Lexus Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0
Mazda Carnage
Single owner 1988 Mazda 626 DX from Vancouver Canada, combined with a 1988 626 GT.


Factory F2T, honed and reassembled. Ported: throttle body, intake manifold, head, exhaust manifold and turbine housing. 0.060" Valve spring shims, cut back valve seats, ported 55cc combustion chambers Thermo gaskets on intake manifold and throttle body. T3 stage 1 turbine .48a/r, 60trim 60 a/r compressor, custom adjustable internal waste gate (15psi). 2.5" intercooler pipes, factory intercooler with 2.5" inlet and outlet pipes. SDS EIC controller, custom 3 stage water meth injection, 3 stage boost control, 255lph fuel pump and adjustable FPR. Drilled AWR transmission mounts. stage 3 6puck clutch. Lightened flywheel.
Custom adjustable shift rod, custom carved hardwood shift knob, custom shift boot, boost gauge, IAT gauge, air fuel gauge. Grant steering wheel. Blue Interior swap, MX6 GT front seats.
Blue hue Fog lights, Spoiler, 666 badge.
Head unit mp3 player, 6x9" rear pioneer 3way speakers. 4" Blaupunk 2way dash speakers, sonny 100watt amp, 5" front pioneer front door speakers, 6" pioneer rear door speakers, factory 3d passenger seat woofer. AIR HORN and 3 Freeway horns.
Piaa 90/120 watt headlight bulbes, HB1 fog lights.
2.5" complete, magnaflow cat and muffler, 36" resonator.
New rear front and back trailing arm, AWR trailing links, trailing axle bar, Addco rear sway bar, poly bushings and link kits, tokico blue struts, Eibach sports spring, new upper rubber spring seats, strut mount seats, rear strut tower bar, sand blasted and POR15 coated spindles, blackened assembly bolts. 10mm wheel spacers.
Sand blasted, welded link kit cup reinforcement plates and POR 15 painted front control arms, nolathane front control arm bushings, Mevotech tack welded ball joints, M12 ball joint retaining bolts, addco 1" sway bar with poly bushings, 1/2" link kit bolts with poly bushings, Stagg 2nd gen front struts, 4WS rear lower coil rubber seats, new upper factory upper coil rubber seats, 1/4" strut stem spacer, Eibach sport springs, 0.17" taller upper spring seat, AAS sand blasted and POR 15 coated upper strut mounts, hand cut plastic strut mount seats, strut tower bar.
Sandblasted and POR 15 coated cross members and subframe, welded crossmember to control arm bolt retainers positioning the control arms out as far as possible (can remove the control arm without effecting the alignment), blackened mounting hardware. Welded eyelet to control arms for front suspension tie down straps (drag track only). 10mm wheel spacers

Braided brake lines and EBC yellow stuff brake pads. New front calipers, rebuilt rear calipers. New handbrake cables.
Wheel and Tire
General Exclaim UHP 225/50r16. 1997 Ford Probe 16" silver rims.


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