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This was the first car and only car i went to look at, its slightly a junker, wont pass saftey yadadada. i knew this when i baught it, but i wanted to not have the same car as everyone else in the world. wanted somethin on the slight rare list. see'n how ive never seen a mx-6 before i knew it was it. im livin in Nova scotia canada and there only 2 mx-6's ive seen. mine and a 2g 93 that goes to my school. so it must of been the right choice. only issue i think ill have is parts. next to no income, goin to school and tryin to get this education. but soon enough she will be road worthy once agian. and when that time comes look out, cause my lil red will be bringing zoom zoom to a new level. ZZN (zoom zoom nation)

Ps: the last picture is a idea on what im wanting to do.



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