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General Information

GE 626
Mitch's KLDE 626
I'm from Australia... just thought i'd put that out there!
Here is a 1993 Mazda 626 SDX
KLDE 2.5l v6
It's my first car and i intend for it to last until i'm free from apprentice wages lol
The engine is going very strong for it's age and kilometres ~ 289,500

What's been done already -
-Simple Pioneer mp3 headunit
-Painted wipers black
-New headlights (Chrome inside was flaking)
-Rear muffler replaced with straight through muffler and subtle tip out the back
-Dodgy CAI replaced with stock airbox and new panel filter
-Professional carbon clean
-R34 gt 16" alloys
-Whiteline rear swaybar
-KYB gas struts up front
-New performance pads up front (DUSSSTTT)
-Extremethings performance ECU (KLZE chip)
-Remanufactured starter motor
-New timing belt (40k km ago)
-New water pump (40k km ago)
-Second hand gearbox (40k km ago) - Mechanic my brother got to do the job put wrong oil in =/

Things that are being done right now -
-Front and rear engine mounts
-Front and rear rocker cover gaskets + Seals around the bolts
-Inspection of manifold found...
-Drivers-most side VRIS solenoid open circuit - has been replaced now
-One-way vaccum valve works but broken where hose connects
-Little air chamber had the same problem
-Vaccum hoses are hard as rock, so i've replaced ALL of them with silicone hose
-Gearbox oil to be replaced with Mazda reccomended semi-syn
-NGK ZFR5F-11 spark plugs to go in
-New engine oil+filter

Future plans? oh gawd
-KYB gas struts in rear
-Lower springs, only by an inch or two
-Sort out tyres

So, leave your thoughts, ideas, constructive critisizm, and hateful rage below as it's much appreciated!



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