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MX-6 M-Edition
when i got this car it seemed too good to be true. and it was. the thing was a lemon. unfortunatly i had already had a decent amount of body work done and thought i could keep it going. i got a rust removal and new paint, centerforce stage1 clutch, ngk performance spark plugs and wires and a K&N air filter. i thought it was fun, till my piston rings went and i was screwed out of a engine. knowing what i know now i would have just fixed it but i didnt know [shizzle] back then. swapped out for a KLZE. when the swap happened it was done on a VERY limited budget, could only afford basic fluids, everything else was reused or taken from scrap. worked fine with the KLDE ECU and MAF. have the KLZE MAF hopefully ECU will soon follow. drove it first winter my ebrake cable seized while driving, swirved enough to avoid hitting any cars but the result was unfortunatly putting the 6 onto an island in the middle of the road. fixed those. leaked coolant, causing serious overheating. drive pulley snapped off 2 weeks later, fixed that. month later front brakes siezed, thankfully in my driveway, fixed those with slotted rotors and new pads and calipers. this winter of '08 '09 my flex on downpipe corroded away to the point where fumes and smoke came out of the engine bay, that got fixed with a entire new exaust, stainless steel header and DP, OEM pipe from High Flow CAT from Magnaflow, accompanied by the HighFlow Muffler and tips also by Magnaflow. 3 weeks later the EGR tube on the headers melted. my buddy who helped me with the swap didnt set up my EGR and VRIS properly it was not T'd properly to go from the VRIS to the EGR so i had a vacuum leak for a year and a half. so now my situation is my intake manifold gasket is [fizzle]ed, big vacuum leak there, pretty much all my gaskets have to be replaced, so ive ordered in a KLG4 intake manifold thats been profesionally ported and a new throttlebody(done by going to swap out all gaskets, valves and valve stem seals, while doing that going to paint valve covers, and redo the cold air intake. im spitting out a O2 sensor code so those have to be replaced and my rear drivers side caliper spring is messed so no ebrake on that caliper.
basicly ive been working on this car for about 2 1/2 years and i knew nothign about nothing when i got it but have learnt so much from it and also those on who have helped me out by answering questions. i recently got it on DYNO and it went 196 hp @ 6000 RPM and thats with the KLDE ECU. ive put way to much money into it keeping it going not to finish and make it F***ing nice. has helped me so much with its forums and contacts. so thanks everyone.