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MX6 KL03/KLZE Hybrid
This is my baby. Right now nothing too much done to er, aftermarket tail lights, exhaust system and a pretty ghetto sound system for now but hey thats what you get when its free. Either building a Hybrid KL03/KLZE engine for her or getting the full KLZE engine and supercharging it. KLZE engines are known to blow easier with a turbo installed because of their higher compression rate, so I am getting my KL03 rebuilt: boarded out, KLZE heads, KLZE intake manifold and possibly KLZE cams. I have some Ebachi lowering springs that I will be installing 2008 as well as MSR rally rims. Looking into a T3T4 turbocharger, pasesetter headers, racing clutch, lightweight flywheel, bigger brakes not sure what make yet, possible drive train switch to make her RW drive, new chassi, rear and front stut bars and mounts... much much more that I can't quite think of right now. So far I'm not totally sure if I want to deck her out on the exterior of things, I'm really into the sleeper look. She's deffinitly a work in progress but I love her very much, she'll be the best MX6 in Canada!!



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