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General Information

STD. trim w/ purple sparkle paint and stock rims. Alpine CDM-9821 head unit w/ Pioneer 6x8's in front, none in back, Kenwood KAC-7204 Amp w/ 2 Audiobahn AW121T 12' Subs. Car is fixed, it runs so great now with almost 130,000 miles on it :D

Also, a dealer from a dealership told me that this car is a collectible. I paid 1500 for it but he was willing to buy it for 3500 even with the current problems it was having. Still, I am going to keep this car because its sexy :p

Update: As of September 2nd 2009, I have 137,646 on the odometer. She's still humming along. I have a slight oil problem (valve seals bad) so I lose some oil, by the time I go for an oil change, I'm really close to empty. Bad to run it like that. Hopefully I will get those changed soon. Auto is slipping badly on 2nd and 3rd gear, but still my DD and still runs fine. Thinking about taking out back seats and making the backrest area a sub enclosure, would look flipping sweet. Going to mod the gauges and all dash lighting (minus cruise control, defrost, hazard, and illumination switch).

The system: thats what i got for now.



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