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General Information

Originally purchased car from member egprelude

bought the car cheap, but they say you get what you pay for, and that i did.

after member keeloh helped me with the repairs to get her driveable again, i had to part out my '89 gt after it was rear ended, but fortunately i parted it out and used the good part for my '88, before scrapping the shell. rip

the '88 was overhauled from the ground up. the repairs were many and i'm still working on it every chance i get.

the notable problems: turbo was gone, turbo manifold was cracked, throttle body boot needed to be replaced, head was cracked/broken, steering rack gone, cv gone, knuckles/hubs/axles/tie rod ends gone, rotors/brakes gone, tires cracked, dents on doors and rear quarter panels, engine bay dirty as heck, muffler was rotted out, cat was gone, reason why the car didn't pass the smog the first time, 02 sensor gone, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter dirty, original fuel filter! bypass valve was broken, water supply pipe was rotted out, mounts gone, adjustable oem suspension was gone, fenders were dented, front bumper was gone, speedometer cluster wasn't working and the speedometer cable snapped a couple of months after i started driving it. egr was gone, spoiler was deformed and cracked.

whew lots of work and i know i'm missing many more things!

the most important part to me was that the interior was clean, that somehow made me happy to rescue this baby from the scrap yard. i replaced all the above mentioned and some additional stuff. some of the nice things i had a chance to get my hands on and upgrading was LE front and rear seats (really nice condition),
Digital Speed Cluster, Dutch Front Strut Bar, 1st Gen B oem rear strut bar, Addco Rear and Front Sway bars, custom rear tie bar, Euro taillights and center section, E-spec headlights and blinkers, ZX louver vent on driver's side of hood, K&N Air Intake w/ heat shield, Magnecore Spark Plug wires, Polished Valve Cover, Greddy blow off valve, new oem Turbo, Rx-7 Gxl Rims, Michellin All-weather tires, Poly stabilizer endlinks, K-sport coilover/adjustable struts suspension, Rx-7 Cambers for adjustable suspension, Hi-flow exhaust muffler, Blitz turbo timer, Blitz digital boost controller, Faze gauges w/ triple gauge pod, panasonic speakers, Jvc stereo deck w/ Ipod adapter, Mazda hood cover, Mazda wind deflector.