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General Information

Sept 26, 2008 update:

I decided to go with the F2 2.2L
I had te deck surfaced, block bored .020 or (86.51 mm)
I had the main Journals line bored.
Piston rods resized.
CR is guestimated at 8.86:1

I bought a (NEW) cylinder head Its the 8v.
Intake valve size is 1.732" (44mm)
Exhaust valve size is 1.417" (35.99mm)

As for now I have the stock cam.
Seat to seat duration is 239 deg, valve lift is .250 inch

I want to get my HP around 140HP, Any POSITIVE feedback Is welcome.

Update: 04-24-2010

Realistically this motor is probably making just under 110 HP.

I am in the process of upgrading to EFI using the intake from a 93 B2200 EFI. I am thinking of using the Mazda 626 ECU & parts of the harnes fromt the 626 required to fit it to the 93 B2200 EFI parts.

I have also been thinking of putting the Zombie chip in the 626 ECU, but I dont know if it would really benifit a NA 2.2L engine.



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