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General Information

pulled engine/tranny
new steering rack installed
new front struts installed
awaiting; engine rebuild, clutch, muffler, cold air intake, replacement A/C components, complete rear disc brake kit (ditching the drums), reconstruction to the trunk pan (making room for full size spare if possible), new paint, and window tint :)

All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! if there are simple upgrades i can do while the engine and tranny are out i'll try to get them done. i currently don't have a turbo kit ready to install and i dont know much about them

I'm also interested in getting a decent body kit. nothing crazy...i just don't like the stock bumper too much but i have no idea where i can get my hands on any sort of kit for this car

for those of you who have stock wheels, these avenger GT tires were the best all season tires i've found yet. i've always had great traction during the northern indiana winters. i used size p195/70R14, and seemed to get a fairly accurate speedometer reading. though, from this point on, my car will no longer be seeing snow. i'll have to find a new favorite tread :)



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