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General Information

This car has been through alot. I bought it back in 2004 and I immediately started autocrossing it with our local SCCA region. G-Stock requires pretty much everything aside from catback and struts remain stock so she stayed untouched for a while. I got bit by the modifyig bug and through on a set of headers, CAI, full 2.5" exhaust, strut braces and K-Sport coilovers. I also tore out the A/C (which I later regretted) and ran the car competitively in STS/STX class.
Shortly I needed more power and turbocharged it. I ran 5si on the stock DE block until a 150mph run along Utah Bonneville Salt Flats and a leaking coolant cap blew my engine. I rebuilt the engine to stock spec, but all new bearings, rings, pistons, oil pump and gaskets and reground crank all to .20 over. Lasted a few thousand more miles and then a faulty wastegate hose didn't keep the boost in check and she threw a rod through block. Oops!
She's back to stock now and my BMW is the primary SCCA autocrosser. I also have another project '93 MX6 stripper model. (No sunroof, no ABS, no A/C) The plan is to gut this thing to a semi-tolerable level while still passing inspections and drop in a KLZE.