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boost v6
___*BOTTOM END*___

Full Set Of Toga Performance Bearings ( main and rod)

KJ-S Rods and 21mm wrist pins

MicroPolished KLG4 Crank ( no center counter balance) / 9lb Fidanza Flywheel & RR Racing Pulley. Balanced Perfect bypro.

Bore process was long very small increments to allow less fiction on very straight bore. Quite Expensive.

Wiseco 85.5mm 40 Oversize Pistons Dish = 10.2 Compression Ratio
- custom ceramic coated & thrust sides custom grey ceramic slipper coated.

Ross Molly Top Rings - 85.5mm Bore

Stock Head Bolts

High Flow Oil Pump

USA Style Aftermarket Mazda Racing Rear Motor Mount

Polly In-certs - Front Motor Mount

____*TOP END*____

KLZE HEADS - Port and Polished to Gaskets size

Also Shaved KLZE Heads = +compression

Colt Racing Cams as Turbo Grind

3 Angel Valve Job

FERREA 1mm oversize valves ( Intake and Exhaust)

FERREA Dual Valve Springs

FERREA Titanium retainers/locators

FERREAa Retainer Clips X42

Toga Performance Valve Seals

KLZE Intake Manifold - Port Matched to heads ( Via Gaskets)

*KLZE Intake Manifolded Powdercoated

Custom Dual FeedFuel Pressure Regulator Kit

AEROMOTIVE Fuel Pressure Regulator

*Yellow Powdercoated Fuel Rails

*Red Powdercoated Valve Covers

Gutted and Welded VRIS-

67mm Throttlebody / Hourglassed Butterfly Plate


OB Style Headers no EGR (dont need it with tune)

Custom By Me 2.5" Crush Bent

Test Pipe glasspack

Black Color Apexi N1 Turbo Muff

_____ Weight Reduction_____

Carbon Fiber Hood

Carbon Fiber Fenders

Custom Trunk

Shaved spare tire hole by body shop

Trunk Sprayed With Black Bed Liner

Removed AC/ Still Running HeaterCore

Fidanza 9lb Flywheel / Stage#3 Ceramic Puck

RR Racing Underdrive Pully

MOMO 10lb Racing Seats (ReCovered= Black & red Stitching)

Custom Seat Brackets

_____Appearance Mods_____

Discontinued H-Type Front Bumper

Discontinued H-Type Side Skirts / SeamSealed To Body

1995 BMW Bright Red Paint

Shaved Trunk

Shaved Antenna

Glass Beaded Trans With Gtx Gear and Mx6 Final Drive

All New Engine Bolts and hardware From Mazda *clean*

Shaved Stock Hood & Carbon Fiber Hood

TOPSECRET-Japan Locking Flush Hood Pins

Carbon Fiber Fenders / Red FleshGear Stickers

Shaved Bodyline On Rear Bumper

Custom Y3F Camaro Rear Lip / SeamSealed To Bumper

JSpec One Piece Projector Lights / Black Weather Stripping

Custom Carbon Fiber Mirror Mounts

Custom Civic Spoon Mirrors

Custom Carbon Fiber Motor Covers

Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Guages Mounts

Custom Carbon Fiber Re-Located H.V.A.C

Custom Carbon Nos on/off Switch Mount- CigLighter Location

1995 BMW Bright Red Painted Dash Trim / Driver Door Switch Trim

Red 4 Point Racing Harness's

MOMO Start Racing Seats / Re-Covered Black Leather with Red Stitching

MOMO MC4 Harness Pads


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Your car is gonna be/is sick man!

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you have a lot of stuff man, can't wait to see it all buttoned up.

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Hey I suggested the GTU's .. Great choice in wheel man

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wow, nice car, shaved heads.....hmm, never even crossed my mind that i can do it on my probe, another project on the way

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Your car looks awesome, let me know how your built transmission does, I'm interested in upgrading.

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where did you get the carbon fiber fenders