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Mx-6 Mystere
Bought a 1993 Mazda Mx-6 Mystere. from a Newwest
Dealer Ship.
Got Pulled Over First Day. Avoided Ticket after being Pulled over by Queens park.
New WestMinster.

Got the Home.
Next Day Had to get the Exhaust put on. Car did not have an exhaust installed, but had piping in the trunk.
Had assured me, all the piping for the exhaust was in there. The Trunk. said his "buddy" "could install for cheap." If that was the Case then Sure, Why not.
I get to the place after looking for it for so long. then i ride in, luckily buddy was waiting for me already... put the car on the hoist, he says i need a new exhaust, i told him what other buddy had said, that i bought it from, then he opens the trunk, goes through the piping.. tells me he'll try using it. tries, tells me that piping is [shizzle], i need new piping. he uses some other piping, i ended up paying a couple bills. but my exhaust was put on.
sounds nice and loud. also passed
the same day.

Few Days Later;

Got Pulled over... Across the street from my house.
CAr got towed... "reason was someone had called in a suspicious black car."
So i went to the impound, got my car back, told i had to pass inspection, i had thirty days.
all this after the cop had his hand on his gun cause he had found a hookah in the trunk and t hought it might have been sumthing else...
and still kept my hookah...not to mention telling his other cop buddies, he ain't got the balls to get it back on the road...

S0.o i went on to "" this site i had seen commercials or ad's for. Talking about sign up, send us what you got and we'll see if we can get you sponsors...

I Sent an email, I explained my situation, within the week I had gotten a reply & was sponsored. I just needed the Hundred dollar sign up fee.
Then they would send me thousands in Sponsorships. All you need to do is have a shop that will do the installations. Covered by you, or be able to do the work Yourself. they are sending you thousands in Sponsorships.

I did some investigating and it's siding in the gray area. Some Say Good Things, Others think it's a scam...
There are certain things you must do. For example, you must participate in x amount of car shows.. Not bad if that's what you want, or comes with the territory... you have to promote for ""

So i figure it's not bad if your starting from the ground.
Most places require you to pay your due's.
But I am a Working Citizen who pays taxes, and can't through out a hundred dollars and not have anything back or get anything to Not work.
it's not easy come easy go.

I Failed inspection, got a box 1, so i can't drive this vehicle until it has passed approved inspection, that cost about a hundred dollars...
in order to do that i need suspension, front and back, four matching tires, with sufficient thread, change my headlights back to stock, currently has angel eyes...

issue is i have had it sitting for over a year, bad turn of events on my no luck side, lost license, prohibition, can't drive, also have been told i cant have the car sitting infront of my house with no insurance. currently at a friends house, so can't do manual labour everyday.
',"I Am a' Hands On Person.",' but sitting there for sou.long battery has gone dead, engine has not been started, no Tune Up's have been done. not to mention electrical. it is fully loaded power everything...

Keep getting told to scrap it.. but i like the shape and the way the Interior was laid out... ex. ebrake inline with shifter instead of ebrake then shifter... making for a better natural arm reach, instead of closer grab...

i will tear everything out of the car, make sure there are no rust or hole spots, and re do interior...

Project Refurnishing...

Not to Mention It Is a Mazda.


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