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General Information

Mx6 LS
Black mx6:

2.5 v6 manny for me :D

intake, strut bar, tokico struts, konig trouble rims, short throw, 10k hid headlights, carbon fiber scoote hood, new buddy club kit being put on soon :D

Replaced: clutch, flywheel, distrubutor, wires
soon to come: interior work :D yay me haha

Blue mx6:

2.5 v6 auto for the lady

Buddy club kit, hid gauges, 2 2ohm kicker l7 soloberics, 2 1001 bd rockford amps, extra battery in the trunk, 0g tsunami wiring, aftermarket speakers, pretty much it, gf rear ended someone, so rebuilding the front end. so far all it needs is a new front bumper, some body work on the door due to a military buddy running into my car with his truck, all should be fixed soon :D btw cant remember what rims i got, i'll have to check haha.

Replaced: starter, hood, fender, radiator, radiator fans, hood latch,
Still needs: front bumper, front bumper mounts (have the zip tied (*fail*), and paint, all should be done soon, new pics when i do also old ones to show work done.



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